watching porn has never been so easy one click and you’re in a fantasy world of sex without limits of men with unlimited stamina and women who’ll do almost anything [Music] action anyone of any age can see it anywhere at any time straight or gay what’s porn doing to us sexual relationships this fantasy becoming more satisfying than reality one big boobs tan body reliable engines to find out we’re taking a trio of porn obsessed men on a journey to America to track down and then date their all-time favorite porn stars will it be a wet dream come true so horny yes or their worst nightmare [Music] it’s disgusting what so today it was absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking I had a lot of vaginal tears anal tears my throat sort of bleeding during one of them and once they’ve met the reality behind the fantasy will they ever want to press play again [Music] our first porn addict is London nice tender Kevin Oh Flanagan he loves pulling girls he’s the self-confessed lothario of Leytonstone I’m only 20 years old us up with 65 girls that’s more than all of my friends so I’ve had six car parks car park floors alleyways forests trampoline showers rooftops I had sex outside a police station as well one-time offer that’s pretty cool I’m so young obviously so it’s not about romance it’s just about getting it in [Music] [Music] and when kevin is not out chasing women he’s at home watching them I started watching important probably around 12 13 maybe even a bit before then some days I’d watch it six or seven maybe eight fans even though Kevin boasts 65 sexual conquests surprisingly he rarely completes the job I would say no more than 20 I’ve actually finished as in client with them I don’t know why it is despite given shortcomings he is still hoping to find romance in the future what ideal thing would be to have like a kind of triangle relationship it would be like me with two Jet’s I know both why I never have like in love with each other what isn’t over me Kevin’s habit of watching porn fuelled sexual fantasy may be impacting him more than he knows I’m not sure if watching porn has affected I am with girls than that but then I could say maybe it does but I’m not really sure now Kevin is preparing to travel to LA to see the porn industry at first hand his chosen date is porn superstar Jessica James she’s a bit older than me so that but I think she’s like 12 years old or something she’s in her face so hopefully it may be a bit of a cougar obviously where I’ve got a bit of experience than that hopefully I’ll be able to work it with magic with Jessica Dean I’m gonna give it [Music] but before his flight to America Kevin’s at a central London film studio he’s here to meet up with his two fellow travel companions Jonathan Gilchrist and Danny Austen like Kevin they’re obsessed with porn and they too will get the chance to compare fantasy with reality by dating their favorite porn star but before they jet off it’s time for their first reality check on the set of a hardcore porn shoot looks amazing look really beautiful you know two hot chicks and a guy who can knock the back out of a male 40 year old Jonathan from Cumbria has been a porn fan ever since he found his dad’s stash at the tender age of 10 he’s been addicted ever since photography has always been a part of my life when he was 20 Jonathan’s life took a tragic turn when a car accident left him paralyzed sex is a little bit different now and you know you can’t swing from the rafters and there’s not many positions you can have sex in and but what I what I can do I like to do his disability hasn’t held him back and he’s looking for love but he’s got an unusual definition of his perfect partner I would like to get married and settle down I’d like to find a partner would like to watch porn it’s part of who I am what I’m about just just part of my lifestyle Jonathan’s life virtually revolves around porn so a lasting relationship has been hard to find been engaged for four or five times over the years but he’s never worked out and never got to the altar heartbreak in real life has only strengthened Jonathan’s cyber lust his appetite for porn is as strong as ever his current favorite porn star is british-born tanya Tate is the tiger look in the dolly burr desk and blonder blue eyes big boobs tan body I don’t like the plan James after watching hundreds of hours of tenure tape performing online how will Jonathan react to meeting the flesh-and-blood woman behind the fantasy is not the youngest girl out there but and she’s more my age and maybe it’s Martha a realistic fantasy to return you to it one more position 69 the girl was 69 it to give up right you can just be given a wank getting ready because net soon as that’s done gave you a pop shot where’s that fucking cane buildup to your pop yeah because we’re going to pop now yeah because we’re running outside the studio yeah come out and come on your face from there okay Kevin and Jonathan seem to be in heaven but it’s not quite the same for twenty-three year old Danny interesting it’s like okay so what something I generally generally look up so it’s nice to see something different don’t fucking make up at home in Barry since Edmonds Danny conquered enough of gay porn and for him one actor stands out above all the rest my favorite porn star is Cody Cummings the point he does is bisexual but he he tends to go more men I think because there’s a high demand for him to be with men so he tends to do more sort of gay porn his body is just like a Greek god just I don’t know what it is about him it’s just it’s just him like there’s other porn stars but he’s the one that sort of stands out to me he’s these facial features his body is his his characteristics everything is just him Danny idolizes Kody Cummings so much so that he even followed him into the industry taking part in six gay porn scenes when I started doing porn I sort of I watched a lot of Cody’s stuff and he was the one that sold so he inspired me I thought well I love I love sex I love loving about this I thought why not do something I love and get paid for it so I did will meeting Cody Cummings in person further fuel his ambition as a porn star or will taking the step into CODIS real world break this spell really likes a statically happy like I oh my god I can’t believe I’m going to meet my own Cody Cummings but nervous as hell I really nervous I stupidly nervous over they sort of like me here back in the studio it’s all change with the first shoot in the can the second gets underway Danny’s in his comfort zone but how will Kevin and Jonathan react to something they’ve never seen before gay sex live only minutes into the shoot and Jonathan can take no more I appreciate it there’s gay people in the world but I’m not oh watch boys together so thank you for experience but no thank you today’s been an eye-opener for everyone and despite finding the gay shoot extremely challenging even Jonathan’s more than ready for the next step yeah I’m really excited about going well it’s gonna be an amazing experience don’t know what’s lined up for us but I’m sure your scare is with some of the events but yeah it’s gonna be great tomorrow they’ll travel deep into the heartland of hardcore pornography Los Angeles there they’ll be pushed to find their limits but how far is too far [Music] for three Paul obsessed guys it’s their first day in Los Angeles the pornhub of the world it’s great to me it’s happening they’ve agreed to go on camera to explore the realities behind their online fantasies a lot but already they’re seniors amazing there’s looser fit chicks of art they sit I don’t feel like I’m a bit of a dream I’m just overwhelmed by all they think they’re on the trip of a lifetime to see their favorite porn stars in action but we’ll also be taking them into the dark underbelly of the porn industry to find out what really goes on behind the cameras and when they go on to date their idols meeting the real people behind the porn persona will it burst their bubble will they begin to reflect on their obsession first up to see his idol in action is gay porn fan Danny the man of his dreams is porn star Cody Cummings day is finally here I get to sort of see here at Madison see see what I’ve been watching for the last few years in reality not many people can say I’m going to be my own oh my I actually am this it’s really really exciting I just hope that he so lives up to why think he is gonna be Cody is one of gay porn most famous stars he’s performed in hundreds of scenes in just six years he’s recruited over 30,000 subscribers to his website but surprisingly this porn icon is actually straight no one knows if you’re gonna be a successful porn star I didn’t know I knew that I could perform in front of my girlfriend I knew that there were times where my girlfriend had friends watch and I had no issues but I didn’t know how am I gonna be when I get in front of a camera man I don’t know people are watching I didn’t know that I’d be able to masturbate in front of people until there are people there and I could do it Cody even uses straight poem to get aroused before filming his gay scenes even before I come I already kind of know what today is gonna turn me on I already either have a certain video scene that I’m gonna watch or something that happened at the gym the other day that I know I’m just gonna think about that one time she was bending over on the cardio machine and it stimulates you it helps hey yeah [Music] cody’s films aren’t just solo masturbation they often contain full gay sex but cody has another secret these scenes are just for show he’s actually not having sex at all man for some of them watching my porn I’m about to drop a bomb on you me did you know that there’s softcore ready yeah I didn’t know that was something well I mean really I didn’t know that I wanted it to come across where I wanted to be everything I’m gonna get my dick hard I’m gonna bring it to that butthole but then you’re gonna cut and then we’re gonna go to the guy’s facial expression and it’s gonna be and it’s gonna come across like the sexiest gay Cinemax HBO special you’ve seen and I my question to you was gonna be how do you like them but I’m already gonna say that you like because you don’t even know that they were fake I’ve been there though I think that hits it on the head credit to you as well I’ll have to admit I was a little nervous I didn’t hot today was going to go but it was cool I’m glad you stopped by and I think Sunday we’ll get some more time to kick it and actually get to know each other a little better more than just here on set so I get back to my business and I’ll see you it’s really really nice guys really nice guys sure they’re not quite with Bieber school it’s been a revealing day for Danny the fact that his gay hero is actually straight and doesn’t even have gay sex on film could have shattered the illusion but it’s only fueled Danny’s desire for Cody straight guys are always there because like it’s something you can’t have sort of it it doesn’t bother me at all it’s just just a happy that got to me like Cody is awesome on the other side of town East End lad Kevin has arrived at the film studios owned by porn superstar Jessica James jessica is one of America’s top porn stars she’s performed in over 700 adult film scenes in a career spanning over 10 years in 2008 Jessica formed her own company to represent herself and several other porn stars she likes to be in total control especially of her own career and as 20-year old Kevin arrives to meet this porn powerhouse his nerves begin to show Kevin Kevin yeah did you come all the way from from any Sun dinner yeah nearly all mainstream porn shoot start by photographing stills they have to play out the entire scene posing motionless for the camera but they have to look like their own ecstasy it soon becomes clear that nothing here is real after the stills it’s time to film the main scene why should I get fucked weary but first well equipped and experienced male star Manuel Ferrara needs to apply plenty of artificial lubricant the real thing is clearly in short supply action just as everyone’s getting into the action the sound of traffic outside stops everything okay cut okay it’s great guys there’s nothing at the Teddy thing came cut and sound I’m trying to think heroin liquor on the bed after some quick direction and a little more Lube Jessica’s ready to finish her scene action stay there stay there I think in the future get the get the smoke machine near them good job guys Kevin’s experience watching fake sex has reinforced not undermined his fascination with this world that was so thick proper American 60 accent are too slow stay down stay down after a taste of high budget porn the guy’s travel across town to porn studio immoral live calm it’s the baby of a hardcore producer who calls himself porno Dan in moral calm streams eight live sex shows every week two thousands of interactive subscribers teenage rampage the wheel of debauchery and cocksucking challenge are just some of his top titles and today he’s looking for new girls it’s really simple come over they get naked I had some a few quick questions and you decide this is how we hire girls here all right in her name is Austin Austin Lane where are you from huh um I live in Vegas from Montana you want to strip for me really quick but ass nigga butt-ass naked naked is good my friend of Goblin King he directs here what do you take your Goblin you give good lap dances hey – she shows really quick how you do out there uh-uh no bricks what do you think she’s hired you’re fantastic you’ll fit in well [Music] what you do before porn Oh a stay-at-home mom okay it’s a violist yeah I got three kids really yeah I would never guess that that’s her often real quick is a porn star and a mother of three it’s not what Kevin was expecting yeah you said that you have children what do your children think if you get into porn I’m not gonna deny it no I’ll be like yeah I did it that’s me and having kids isn’t the only surprise that this girl’s got for the guys um I’m actually two years away from getting my PhD and quantum physics Wow smoke oh so I’ll be the first female quantum physicist who works for NASA and is a porn star it seems the lines between fantasy and reality here a truly blurred and as the girls keep on coming so do the stories you like having to be like being tied up you had to tattoo on the back of my neck means female collared slave [Music] next up here in happy Li look at those fancy pants you got one of the last girls of the day is also the youngest 19 year old Priscilla says she’s brand new to the industry her porn career starts here so are you gonna have sex with boys on camera when everybody let’s do this let’s get this show on the road how many guys we had sex with in your real world three yes they do whole life Priscilla’s youth and lack of experience has stunned even Kevin you’ve only slept with like free guys you’re not feel you’re a bit inexperienced to just jump straight into porn pretty sure can manage weird our relationships or one that stands a lot all three were lationship any of them badly oh but Kevin’s digging a little too deep for porno Dan’s liking you think that’s what’s made you want to get into porn I’m not enough okay so hey it’s clearly not that with the casting quickly over Dan soon gets his favorite girls to work it’s a fast track conveyor belt from a casting couch to the real couch and as new girl Priscilla watches the guys are not sure that she’s ready so inexperienced not just with life but it’s only set with free people like how is she gonna be able to handle my thinks xxxxX I think they’re people and keep people given Kate that she would get people and you know use exactly I’m surprised that so many girls want to enter and it’s all for different reasons and this chiller for Kel she knows what she’s doing yeah by does the one who’s only slept with three people this you know I’m not judging them but I’m just waiting on my opinion because that’s the whole point of this only a few hours at a moral calm and the group is divided she wants to do it she’s an adult she wants to get paid for both Kevin and Danny today has revealed another side of the porn industry a world where the girls some very young a little more than dollar signs but Jonathan is still adamant that it’s all good fun pornography has become so entwined with his own identity that he’s not going to give it up without a fight I’m quite Stern about my opinion on that the are consenting adults who are we to say what does your mom think about this what do you kids think about it I think they were inappropriate questions they were there to to to present themselves as a commodity to to be to be sold effectively three porn obsessed guys have traveled to LA to date their favorite porn stars so far to have met their idols but now it’s Jonathan’s turn to come face to face with his porn obsession tanya Tate though what he’s about to see could test anyone’s moral boundaries at a mansion high in the hills above la Tanya’s getting ready to film a lesbian incest scene between mother and daughter if we were really related it would be legal so just so you know everybody this is play-acting this is not real Liverpudlian tanya Tate began her career in 2008 and since moving to LA has become an international star and with over 100 films under her belt she’s almost done it all I’ve never tried double anal oh you know there’s always a first oopsie isin face to me in the tire yes yes hang on yes yes okay hang on hang on hang on yeah right there right there yes yes like that hang on as Jonathan enters fake mother and daughter incest is in full swing yes rotating over I want to see your face so bring your head this way no no no the deeper the scene goes the more disturbing it gets but with his life back home centered around porn Jonathan is completely unfazed by what he’s watching with family time over Tanya’s knickers aren’t the only parting gift for Jonathan now that it’s got to tally up all over he tastes it yes watching tanya Tate acting out what many would consider a disturbing scene has only strengthened Jonathan’s desire for porn what was the story biological mother and dog’s biological wasn’t stepped on yet with each other going away daddy’s not Danny’s a wanker we’ll get in watch is this pod meeting their porn idols in the flesh has been a high point for all three guys so how will they react to watching one of porno Dan’s live shows in action we brought them back to a moral calm to see popular game show fuck a fan these for porn fans have won the chance to have sex with three porn stars so it’s going to get the girls completely naked but first porno Dan gives his British guests a taste of the action can he have the pleasure of holding that under vagina cameras ready and fucker fan kicks off even though this journey has begun to cast a shadow over the porn industry for Kevin the heightened atmosphere of today is refueling his fantasy I’m the green eyed ones right now 100% with all three girls moving on to contestant number two this orgy is in full swing and far from being shocked Jonathan’s feeling pragmatic about what he’s watching there wasn’t a demand for it people get impaired it’s just supply and demand the laws of Commerce as this pawn marathon reaches its second hour it’s not even halfway through and as Dan takes a break from the action the guys want to know more about how he runs his show what did it colors do besides this they’re doing anything else or do reality a porn is these days it’s just not that much work you know there’s probably 500 girls that are active in less than 50 scenes a day being shot it’s the same girls getting shot over and oh yeah so all the girls who are important they have to have second secondary revenue streams some of them feature dance some of them webcam and the vast majority escort you paying for the pussy baby I’m sure you have a proper word in English for it or back in the studio one contestant makes way for another by now the girls have been on the go for hours and it’s beginning to show porn star Nikki sex is totally exhausted both mentally and physically [Music] but this show is streaming live and they can’t cut the action watching the relentless use of these girls to entertain a mass audience is a sobering sight for Kevin Danny and even for the first time Jonathan as the game show comes towards the end the night descends even further as porno Dan invokes his owner privileges and he and his staff gets stuck into the girls by now all three of our guys have reached their limits and need to reflect on what they’ve witnessed this scene tonight was definitely raw definitely an eye-opener compared to you what well everything has been like this I think that’s been probably the most doing that would maybe feel exploited I don’t know I don’t understand the shower for about five hours washing I suppose I was reading about what they’re doing it’s very different that’s a really key question do they blend in the industry wants the young 18 19 20 year old and after a while it’s easy after a while they just diminish their decor and there’s always new flesh coming through maybe just a meat grinder for for young women hmm back at the hotel and away from the other guys Danny’s emotions are running high these people are just it’s like they’ve got they’ve got immunity to care immunity to care about other people sort of feelings about love and so for that it’s just they don’t respect themselves as it’s weird it’s I can’t explain it it’s just to say it’s disgusting what so today it was absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking so I can say it was out to the heartbroken a few days have passed since the group witnessed the live or G at a moral calm and as Danny prepares for his dream date with Cody Cummings it’s still fresh in his mind never get any more sort of darker into what we saw the other day so today’s a nice a nice surprise and I’m happy that I’m doing it I’m just really excited [Applause] Cody’s asked Danny to meet him at a classic American diner I see you again so any different of an experience meeting here as opposed to on set yes oh you’re fully clothed so yeah I’d say like the the you on camera that you of conference what was the right get so how’s your what you do affected you like your personal life like relationships and stuff like that yes it has it has in the beginning I didn’t think wisely about how it would affect them if there’s one person in the back of your mind that you thought I’m okay with the world knowing I just don’t want grandma to know I just don’t want so-and-so to know they’re gonna find out that’s the and it’s not if it’s when this is something that’s been kind of new in my career have a daughter now that there’s internet there’s phone there’s ability for people to see anything on their phone at any time it was time for me to come clean with her with what I was doing and it’s affected her now we’re not even talking Kody’s brutal honesty about the realities of porn as well as the revelation that he is himself a parent has stunned Danny now Cody wants to shift gears I thought uh maybe take you out and show you a little bit um since you came and saw me over at the doing some work I want to take you and show you a little bit of LA after a quick change of clothes for Danny Cody takes him hiking in the Hollywood Hills there we go beautiful huh I’m now taking a step back after I’ve done the whole Cody theme and wanting to focus more on me and see what Who I am and what I have to offer because I think I’ve given Cody a little too much and if I had any advice it would just be focus on you and stay true to you whether that’s porn or it’s not it doesn’t need to be born in whatever you do just stay true to what you do I think you said you’re gonna so focus on you know like some what be what would you want to do in the future I don’t know see if I can sell something with a little bit more clothes on I still want to sell sex I want to sell sexiness I want to sell Cody but I wanted to sell it without my dick out it’s a defining moment for Danny spending an afternoon with Cody has made him begin to reconsider his life choices but Jonathan and Kevin their dream dates are still to come but for all three this experience is far from over the road ahead is to become even more challenging [Music] three hardcore porn fans are coming towards the end of a journey that has given them a very different experience of the porn industry after witnessing the glamorous yet soulless world of high budget porn as well as low-end gangbangs streamed online even sex-obsessed kevin is beginning to see a way through the porn haze but today he’ll get the chance to find out even more about what it’s really like for porn performers as he prepares to date Jessica James [Music] isn’t it beautiful out here yeah how is it being a one-act isn’t that like I know this sounds kind of contradictory because of what I do but I’m not really a promiscuous person I’m when I’m with somebody I’m with somebody I’m monogamous and I know it’s kind of hard to you know to say you’re a monogamous porn star yeah but again like it is is my job since you were watching porn so long before having sex did you have a preconceived notion about or were your expectations higher or lower 1/2 sex a heart just have a high need to do everything otherwise it gets really I kind of find it kind of boring maybe it’s influence than why I’m kind of like we’ll just settle for plain sex it’s kind of boring like if I’m having sex with someone and it’s just that it’s just like I’m there with all Jessica’s experience Kevin’s attitude towards dating and sex is revealing and as Jonathan meets tanya Tate for their date she too is curious about his relationships with women so you’ve been engaged five times but you’ve never married yeah I have no idea I’ve been cheated on several times in relationships and it’s one of the worst things you can do and I always come out of it and push myself down still still hope look for the you know the dream we have for meeting someone fall in love creating a family and well it hasn’t happened yet but are you looking for the dream as in someone that’s like your favorite porn star or are you looking for that nice girl my girls I’ve chosen in the past I’ve looked similar to yourself you know really pretty don’t we better look blonde hair big boobs and all relationships and peter out as Jessica’s date with Kevin continues she digs deeper into his issues with the opposite sex why do you feel the need that you need to have so many partners all the time and changing out all the women are there no it’s more interesting do you ever feel like you have a mental connection with any of these people and if so like do you climax do you reach orgasm most of the girls I slept with I don’t actually finish and why is that dude I don’t know that’s really interesting so do you find it easier to climax maybe when you’re watching porn porn yeah probably I don’t know why that’s kind of weird maybe watching all these years of porn has kind of affected me you know in any conversation that were you want to take that your sex life now maybe that’s really interesting okay chime with Jessica today definitely me think a little bit about everything poor harmless girls their age feels quite good and she’s a lot older and she’s obviously been about and seen a lot of things what she said today is very interesting and it is gonna make me think with both Jessica and Tonya relishing their role as relationship counselors it’s been a positive day for everyone I’m just hoping now the next time that he really gets with a girl he’s gonna like really find happiness with it instead of you know keep looking for that fun to see that is being watching all these years so maybe now he’ll find a girl that’s real and just settle down and baby this ‘never family let me think next time I the a spin-off the movie and my name you stop and think you know that girl is she clued up is she an educated woman like Tanya are here just a young naive girl who’s hoping to get something out the industry which is not going to happen for her it’s definitely thought-provoking but this rollercoaster ride isn’t over quite yet before they fly back to the UK they’re meeting ex-porn star Vanessa Belmont Danny Jonathan so where you guys from only a few months ago she turned her back on porn and wants to share her story I started stripping at 18 I started in porn in 1900 just nude modeling and girl girl and I was like really set and I was like I’m gonna start really slow but it didn’t work out like that Vanessa soon became porn star Alexa Cruz and was quickly exposed to some of the industry’s occupational hazards my first scene actually I got chlamydia Wow yeah and I was I was like oh my gosh this is so gross and as far as STDs I had chlamydia probably three four times or more I had gonorrhea and I had bacterial infections a lot and the testing I thought was keeping me safe because they make it sound like everyone’s tested but the thing is you only test once a month and alter that month they still have a queen test but they might have gotten something in modern pornography nearly all girls are encouraged to perform anal sex on camera some are even paid extra and Vanessa was no exception my first anal scene I had to take painkillers because it was so it was still so painful even I was taking painkillers I had a lot of vaginal tears anal tears I’d anal tears quite a few times when you’re on a really strong painkiller it’s a lot easier to take something like anal and smile and act like you’re having a great time so how hard mentally I’m physically was it see like gangbanged seeing physically it’s hard like on the throat especially with all the face-sucking I guess is the only way you can say it I throw actually sort of bleeding during one of them immensely it’s also really hard because it’s like you’re doing something so unnatural you’re letting four five six seven eight men have sex with you that’s not a natural thing Vanessa decided to escape the porn industry after seven years but the experience stays with her nobody really wants the date of horn star stripper or escort you know and also the whole family thing and having kids I’m like who’s gonna have kids with an ex-porn star and even when I’m 60 I’m still gonna have this porn on the internet it’s it’s like having a virus or something that never goes away for Kevin Danny and Jonathan they’re la journée is at an end this last meeting has had a profound effect I feel really really sorry for her she can’t go back and change it it really has touched me and made me feel a lot of empathy for the girls just it’s just it’s just strange the kind of reader described it’s just I’m just so thankful she achieved told us that and I opened up I just feel it’s real I want to cry so it’s really took to Maddie because something that something that I feel guarded towards they are feel protection to the porn industry because it it’s part of my life and something I’ve grown up with it really it really has took the wind out of me cells really else since returning to daily life back in Leytonstone kevin has found himself reflecting on his American adventure he asked me before the whole journey and whole experience if I’d be a porn star in a hobby I would have said yes now not so much it’s kind of like it has made me think it’s like you look at the girl you think oh wow is she in the same situation is Vanessa listen she kind of manipulated into doing drugs is she I’m drunk right then in that shoot going on definitely makes you think twice about yeah I would say I’m less of a misogynist Anna I kind of have been before it’s made me kind of feel that you need to respect women a lot more they are they are human beings and not just objects in front of the camera I need to see on the screen at home in barycentre burns Danny’s journey has given him a new outlook on life going to LA and come back he’s really changed my life is put everything in perspective talking to Kody as well he’s sort of egged me on to work harder and sort of focus on what I want focus on what Danny wants to do since being back I’ve had a couple of offers from a few companies to do porn but I’ve turned the boat down I don’t want to do I want to leave it behind and just not have anything to have anymore now that Danny’s dumped his porn persona he’s returned to university to study Events Management when I got back I saw I’ve got my head stuck in to focus meaning in my life back on track and then just focus on me really and everything’s finally looking up [Music] back in Cumbria Jonathan two has been deeply affected by the trip I went in the journey thinking it’d just be fun yeah I like porn it’s you know no one’s getting hurt consensual adults and now I’m back I’ve looked at porn once and it’s just it’s just not the same anymore unexpectedly watching fuck a fan has stayed with him I didn’t know how to take it at our decide yeah some lads who wrote in and it gets football sounds but you know obviously they’ve got some insecurities that their trap our deal with and nobody don’t understand themselves it’s what I mean by this journey it’s helped me understand myself by a reflection I found questions in myself which needed answering you know my own body image being in a wheelchair my own relationships I’ve had it really just a it was like a slap across the face but it’s been the whole experience of uncovering the realities behind porn that for Jonathan has caused such a profound shift for me this is my wake-up call I’m looking at a finer girl settle down and shouldn’t have to be pawns that s Caloocan and I’ve got one I’ve fun involved in that relationship it’s it’s not needed anymore our compelling drama masters of sex continues tomorrow night at nine o’clock with a new lady doctor at the hospital causing quite a stir for OD if you need to catch up and straight after that London Irish comedy with more than saw heads to deal with that’s at ten past 10:00 next tonight the struggle to keep some kids in school educating Yorkshire