Know All The Risks

When you decide you want to take steps to become a camgirl, you should be aware of the risks this job brings. Even though this job can make you a lot of money or empower you, many creeps lurk in all areas of sex work. Of course, this can be the case for every job and shouldn’t deter you from doing something you think is your calling.


So, what are the things you should be aware of? The primary concern of all camgirls is keeping their identity hidden. Many are worried that their relatives, friends, or loved ones will find out what they do for a living. However, this isn’t something you should stress over too much. Many girls are camming at the same time as you, and you can use a VPN to work for camming sites that are exclusive to other countries.


Some of the other risks include:


  • People harassing you and asking to meet up
  • Someone recording your show and posting it elsewhere


However, when you’re aware of the risks, you’ll know ways to deal with them. So, knowing the risks of camming shouldn’t scare you. Instead, it should make you feel even more confident while working.

Do Not Share Anything Personal

Camming isn’t only sex work. All people want sometimes is to have a conversation. That means it won’t be rare for you to sit and chat with your audience or individuals who pay extra cash for a simple conversation. During these chit-chats, you must stay focused. One wrong move and people could find out your identity.


We know what you’re thinking — nobody will find out exactly where you’re from if you simply say you’re from America, for example. On the other hand, discussing current events might. You never know how many creeps watch your cam shows, so it doesn’t hurt to be careful.


Another thing to remember is to never share pictures you’ve already posted elsewhere. For example, never show your audience that cute picture you’ve posted on your private Facebook. One quick reverse Google search, and your cover could be blown.


The most important thing for camgirls is keeping their personal and work life separate. Think of your camgirl identity as a different life altogether. You can make it whatever you wish, but it should never intertwine with who you really are.

Say ‘No’ to Meet-Ups

One of the most obvious safety tips for camgirls we can give you is to say no to meet-ups. This will be difficult to do at times because people will offer absurd amounts of money for this opportunity. You have the right to decline these offers because they’re usually not safe for you.


You never know what someone wants from you when they ask you to meet up. Maybe they’re looking for that VIP treatment and will take you to coffee. On the other hand, maybe they’ll expect explicit services because of your job description. Plus, some people will surely think they deserve such services because of the amount of money they’ve given you.


So, the safest thing to do is always say no. It’s useful to let your audience know that you won’t be doing meet-ups no matter the offer. However, if you do decide to meet a regular client, for example, always be smart about it. Arrange the meet-up in a popular spot, bring a friend, or let someone know where you are. You might feel safe with someone you think you know, but it doesn’t hurt to actually ensure and reinforce that safety.

Block Potential Harassers and Abusers

People think they’re entitled to all kinds of things because they give you money. They expect more even when they know just the type of service they’re paying for. This is especially the case if they’ve given you a large sum of money.


Unfortunately, not meeting their expectations means they may start harassing you. The best thing you can do whenever you notice such behavior is to immediately block these people. They could start creating new accounts to get what they want, but you should be persistent.


If you think an immediate block is too extreme, you can try having a civil conversation with a potential harasser. However, it’s unlikely they’ll change their mind, especially when you openly tell them that they won’t get what they want. Harassers can be both new and regular clients, and while it may hurt to lose them, it’s a step you need to take for your mental health.

Always Use a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that ensures your identity stays hidden online. It works by redirecting your IP address to a remote server, shielding you from anyone who wants to snoop around. Why is it important for you to use a VPN? Not only does your identity stay hidden, but people also can’t pinpoint your exact location.


Remember when we’ve said that you can work for websites exclusive to other countries? This will ensure none of your friends and family finds you, and you can do this by using a VPN. For example, you can work for Asian cam sites even though you’re from America.


VPN’s are much easier to use than camming sites. It all happens at a click of a button, so you don’t have to worry about complicated setups. However, you must learn how to use them to ensure your safety.

Don’t Make Patterns on Your Schedule

This last safety tip may be confusing for some, but let’s break it down. Many people believe that having a schedule means your audience will have an easier time keeping up with you. That’s an absolute truth because they’ll know when you come online so they can tune in for your shows.


However, you want to keep them on your toes. This means you shouldn’t give your audience any ideas of when you might be coming online. This will result in them wanting to keep a closer eye on you. Don’t worry because it won’t make them lose interest, and you won’t lose clients. If anything, it will help you have more engaging sessions without revealing yourself too much.


While the risks of being a cam model are numerous, they’re all easy to bypass or deal with. If this is a job you want to do, don’t be afraid of taking challenges head-on.

Safety tips for women who want to become camgirls

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