What It’s Actually Like to Be a Full-Time Cam Girl

Since the dawn of streaming, the porn industry has been suffering financially. As people have started watching and uploading porn on tube sites for free, the days of big-budget porn and making a lot of money as a porn star are fading away. At the same time, though, streaming has also spawned a supplement to the porn industry that can’t be replicated: camming.

For the unfamiliar, camming is where clients pay to either watch a livestream of or have an individual video chat with a sex worker. It can’t be pirated and watched for free because the whole point of it is that it’s intimate and personal—you’re actually interacting with the person behind the screen.

Camming has become a huge part of the sex industry over the past decade, and it’s continuing to grow. There’s a lot of cam girls who now monetize and advertise through social media, so they’re kind of the new “it girls” in a way—they’re rock stars, they’re influencers. Some of them have millions of followers on Instagram.

But I have all these questions about camming. Why is camming so popular? Is camming the future of porn? Do people prefer it mostly because it’s so much more personal?

To investigate, I visited the biggest camming studio in the US, Studio 20 in Hollywood. A lot of times, when you sign onto a popular cam site, or when you’re on a porn site and a camming ad pops up, it looks like the girls are camming from their bedrooms. Actually, though, a lot of the time, they’re camming from studios like Studio 20 that are basically these buildings filled with rooms decorated like bedrooms.

Inside, Studio 20 feels like the Paramount Pictures of camming. You walk in and there’s hallways and hallways of rooms. One of them is decorated for a surfer girl, one of them is a girly teen-looking bedroom, one has teddy bears, one has a stripper pool, one is a fake bathroom with a tub. And they’re all just these fake sets where one side is a bedroom and the other side has a huge monitor, camera, computer, and professional lighting.

The whole thing is an amazing facade. You think these girls are camming from their rooms when they have free time, but no; they come to the studio at 8 AM and sit there until 6 PM. They work 40 hour weeks and often pay the studio 50 percent of their income. In exchange, the studio provides them with a built-in audience, a technical infrastructure, a hair and makeup person, a wardrobe—they even have people that train them on what clients tend to like and how to keep people in a quiet room with you.

While I was there, I went through one of the trainings they offer—a cam girl boot camp, so to speak. To be a cam girl, I learned, you have to be able to field sexual requests and be an expert on all kinds of fetishes so that you always know what clients are talking about. On top of that, you also have to be a pseudo therapist. The coach trained me on how to respond to different fetish requests, what to wear, how to do my makeup, how to pose, how to use the equipment, and just how to interact with clients in general. It turns out that, according to my coach, what people like is generally not the super over-the-top sexy woman. They want someone who looks hot but is pretty normal and chill, who they can just talk to.

But what about cam girls that don’t use studios? I decided to interview a cam girl name Ona Artist who is essentially a camming celebrity—she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram—to find out what that life is like. Turns out, it’s even more work.

You’d think that all an Insta celeb has to do is look hot, but it’s actually a full time job. Ona Artist posts new photos every day and does a week of photoshoots every month. She manages all her social media and built her own website. The way her business model works is that she advertises on Instagram and from there, people can go to her private site and cam with her naked. On Instagram, because of censorship restrictions, you can’t see her nude. So, the more you want from her, the more you pay, and the more explicit it gets. It’s just like any other online business, really.

I had the opportunity to watch her cam, and I realized that she has a persona when she’s camming—in the same way that a lot of media people do. It’s not like she’s drastically different, but there’s a version of herself that she shares with people while shes at work in the same way that an actress would go on a talk show and be the sweeter, funnier, more engaged version of herself. She puts on a show, and gives her best, sexiest performance, reading what the client wants, asking questions, and taking directions. All the while, she’s sort of straddling the line between sexual partner, therapist, and moral supporter. It’s a ton of emotional labor—like any type of sex work. I think we often forget that being a sex worker is essentially working in the service industry.

Even so, it’s clear that Ona Artist really likes her job. People get into sex work for various reasons, but I think that what’s left out of the conversation around sex work a lot of the time is that some girls get into sex work autonomously because they want to, because they enjoy it, and because the money is good. Ona Artist got into camming because a photo of her butt went viral and she realized she could capitalize off of it.

Being a cam girl, specifically, can be a great option for sex workers because it’s a lot safer than when you are with a client in person. Cam girls still have to protect themselves, of course; making sure people can’t find out their addresses or real names. Those are things that workers in all facets of the sex industry have to worry about, whether you’re a stripper or an escort. But cam girls have the privilege of working from their homes or a studio, where they don’t have that threat of violence or diseases. Or they just don’t have to deal with a client having bad breath.

In the media, sex workers are always portrayed as tragic victims of drug addiction or sex trafficking. But that’s not always the case. So many cammers—and sex workers in general—defy that stereotype, and their lives are often totally different than what we assume. My exploration into camming definitely confirmed that.

How to Treat Camgirls, According to Camgirls

Is the chat really free? Can you ask anyone for anal? Find out.

Camming has forever altered the adult industry. Cam models—essentially DIY porn stars who can work from home—often have autonomy over what they do, when they do it, and how. For viewers, it’s allowed a personalized touch unparalleled to other formats of porn; they can actually interact with the people they are jerking off to, in real time. But behaviour in models’ chatrooms is not intuitive for everyone.

Are “free chats” actually free? Can you ask just any camgirl to do anal? What’s with prices for flashing? VICE asked cam models to give us their pro tips for how to treat them on (and off) the camera.

Prices Are Set for a Reason

“Stop complaining about prices. You think 500 tokens is too much for a flash? You think 3,000 tokens is too much for a naked oil cum show? Ask yourself how much it would cost for you to show yourself naked on the internet to thousands of people without your face being blurred out. Is $25 worth a dick flash? What about bending over and spreading? Don’t forget to smile for the people illegally recording you to upload to tube sites!” — Minnie Scarlet , cammed for four years (currently not active)

‘Free’ Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Free

“It should be addressed that since sites advertise cam sites as “free” due to “free chat,” a lot of new users believe that means the model does sexual acts for free. This is a very common misnomer in the cam world as “free chat” just means you’re free to hang out, watch, and chat—but all requests are still meant to be paid for. Someone is usually tipping, so the other ‘free’ aspect is that you can technically watch sexual shows for ‘free.’ But it does need to be pointed out that someone is and did pay for most of the time you find a model doing something sexual in free chat. Rarely do models just start naked and fapping for nothing. A lot of new users get this wrong and end up mad about it at the models for not doing as requested for free. I hear lots of “But this is a free site!” comments as a result of this, as do most cam models who work free chat sites. This is also a good way to get silenced or possibly banned.” — o0Pepper0o , camming for 4.5 years

The Customer Is Not Always Right

“Don’t spam people [on social media]… I have people who will literally spam me over and over again: “Hey,” “Hey,” “Hey,” “Why aren’t you answering me?” We have other clients to deal with, we have other people to deal with. Some of us have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers—we don’t have time to reply to everybody right away. Secondly, a lot of people have a specific fetish, and then they’ll take you into private chat and ask you to do something without asking ahead of time. Say there’s a girl who doesn’t do anal—a guy will take her into private chat, she’ll say, “What are you looking for today?” The guy will be like, “Fuck your ass for me,” and she’ll say, “I’m sorry, I don’t do that.” At that point, the guy has already wasted $5-10, she feels uncomfortable, and he probably gives her a bad review.” — Dahlia Dee , camming for over five years


“If you meet me, let me know it’s you! I’ve had so many people let me know after the fact that it was them I was talking to. That said, I’m not one to be embarrassed if you call out my screen name, but definitely be aware of the surroundings. Not everybody wants their friends or family to know their online persona. Respect boundaries! When I meet people, especially at conventions when I’m almost completely naked, I get very nervous. I don’t know what to expect—I worry that they will get hyped up in the atmosphere or think because of my work, I would enjoy people grabbing or rubbing up on me. Every model has different boundaries, so never assume what’s okay. Try to remember that when we’re not behind the camera, we’re not at work. The same rules don’t apply. We’re just like any other person.” — Vawnie Voulphie , camming for over one year

My Year As A Cam Girl: The Pros and Cons of Spending Your Nights Naked On the Internet

I just want to spend a night with myself without a single horny man watching me.

The night of my first show, I run around my room, cleaning up, checking how the light looks, deciding where and how to sit, and figuring out what I should wear. I try to set up my room like I have seen in other girls’ shows. What am I doing? What have I gotten myself into this time? What if no one likes me? Home for Christmas break, I have a lot of free time on my hands while my mom works nights. I have never reacted well to excessive free time.

It’s time to become Ariel, in live action for the first time. My heart starts to beat with excitement and nerves. I check my hair and makeup in my webcam, and am grateful for its low resolution. I turn on upbeat music and go live, staring at the room count and waiting for my first viewer to come in.

The viewers don’t rush in like I had hoped they would. But I knew it would likely be slow at first since shows don’t make it to the front page of the site until they have thousands of viewers. A few people come in and out, their screen names passing through my viewer list too quickly for me to attempt to engage them.

I finally get a few viewers and show begins. I find myself explaining that it is my very first show every minute or so as hundreds of viewers filter through my room, each asking me how I am doing and what I have planned for the night. The compliments are flying. BigDik34 loves my hair. Thank goodness my frizz magically disappears on cam. DaddysGirl is getting hard just imagining what my ass would feel like to spank. Not my thing, but whatever floats your boat, dude. I struggle to keep up with the flow of conversation in the chat window and try in vain to say hello to each new viewer as his or her name appears. It’s overwhelming and exhilarating.

Many viewers come in hurling insults: “Go run until you drop dead, Landwhale,” but I know the drill — never feed the trolls. I let Blagus, my moderator, remove them from the room so I can focus on talking to people. Most just try to compliment me into taking my clothes off, as if simply telling me that I am beautiful will instantly make my panties disappear. I stick to the game plan -– stay polite and flirty and wait for them to pay for my clothes to come off. I make small talk with the room and answer the same questions over and over again.

“Are you a tight little virgin?” someone would type out. I try not to think about the creepiness of men wanting to think that I am a virgin.

“No honey, I’m not.”

“Oh. That’s too bad. I love virgins. How was your first time? Did it hurt? Did you bleed?” The same interaction repeats itself endlessly through the night.

While it only costs the room, which has several hundred viewers, ten dollars worth of tokens to get a piece of clothing off, it takes well over an hour to get my shirt off. I hope it’s not always like this. The show slowly moves forward with each new token goal resulting in another piece of clothing on the floor. Finally I am naked with my favorite vibrator in hand, and my lady bits pointed at the cam. God, it’s hard to get off when people are watching –- I am definitely not an exhibitionist. After some concentration, maneuvering, and awkward faces, I finally orgasm, joined by hundreds of viewers. I feel accomplished. I should get some sort of medal for this public service.

The show ends shortly after. I wish viewers a good night and promise that I will be back on cam the following day. As I lie in bed, back in PJs and contemplating my night, I am tired but thrilled. It feels like coming home after a first date. Three hundred dollars isn’t bad for sitting in bed for 5 hours.

Being live was so much more of a rush than just posting pictures on 4chan, and I am still coming down off of the adrenaline.


A few months into camming and I have the show down to a science. I clean the area of my room directly in the view of the camera, so they don’t call me a lazy slob. They probably will anyway; the fat girl is always lazy. I contemplate doing something new for the night to mix it up. My standard show gets boring, but it guarantees at least $150 a night without having to beg the viewers too actively. I don’t need the money, but camming fills my empty nights and gives me social interaction to look forward to. It’s addictive and thrilling.

I get dressed, fix my hair, point my lamps (draped in white T-shirts for soft-glow lighting) at my face, and put on my makeup, saving the red lip for live action on cam. See? Look at the effort I put in to look nice for you people. Red lipstick and all. So stop being so cheap.

The show starts, and my regulars start filing in, asking me for updates on the most recent episode of “Bones,” or how my day at work has been. We chat about politics and world events, only pausing to do whatever action, usually flashing a body part that is still clothed, a viewer has requested when the token alert sounds. You would think they would get sick of seeing my boobs after a while. Strange requests never cease to flow through the chat room. One viewer, an elderly man, tells me that I remind him of his dead wife. That’s kinda sweet, I guess. He then proceeds to ask me if I would be willing to wear a pair of stockings on cam and then send them to him. He has a stocking fetish. Nope, not so cute anymore.

Yet another viewer requests action on the blue exercise ball in the background of my frame. This exercise ball seems to hold some sort of strange power over my viewers, for no matter how many times I tell them that it would be a disaster attempting to balance on the ball while masturbating, they make the request over and over. Some even think themselves acrobats and tell me how they would bend me over the ball and “make me bounce.” A thousand bucks says not one of these guys have never gotten anywhere near an exercise ball and would promptly face-plant if they ever tried.

Todd, a regular who always bankrolls my night, comes into the room and I wrap up the conversation and start stripping, glad that the show will be over soon. I decide to try a toy auction, something I had been considering for a while after seeing another girl do it in her show. I bring out my entire collection, and viewers get to participate in a bidding war to decide which toy or toys I will use. The auction brings a lot of money, reaching my total token goal for the night in a few minutes. The winners are a combination of a butt-plug and my Hitachi. Per usual, I turn on some porn, ignore the viewers commenting on my lack of noise or movement when using my vibrator, and get to it. Really? Do they honestly think that women actually act like porn stars” It’s hard to get into the mood. Every time I start to settle down, the token alert goes off again, and I have to flip windows to see what the request was. Who would have thought that masturbating for money would be so much work?

After the show is over, I am drained and annoyed. The show took six hours and I only made $150. It’s not even worth the effort. I contemplate ways to avoid doing one the next night while knowing that I have nothing better to do and I should make some money. I just want to spend a night with myself without a single horny man, penis in hand, watching me.

Now offline, I complain to Blagus about the repetition in my shows. He suggests that I start off naked and set the show up so that there has to be a consistent flow of tokens in order for me to stay naked. He is convinced that the money will come in much quicker. I am skeptical. There is far too much free porn, too many (free) exhibitionists, and too many girls that would be cheaper. No, I need to play on their need to get off and deny them until they pay up.


What would become my last show starts with voyeur flair. I’m naked and cleaning my room, pretending not to notice the camera. Yup, need to pick this sock up. Just have to bend all the way over to get it. There’s a small group of viewers who love this, so I do it before the normal show just for them. It doesn’t make much money, but it’s relaxed and I don’t feel as much pressure. Once the show starts, I refuse half of the requests that come to me. Can’t you see I’m busy painting my nails?I am not messing them up to flash my tits. They all want the same thing over and over again: the same pose, the same flash, the same answer to the same question.

“How big are your tits?” a nameless faceless user will type out.

“Read my profile.”

“Awe BB don’t be like that. Just answer the question.”

“Read my profile.”

I take any excuse to talk about anything other than my sex life, my desire for big Black dick, or how horny I am. Why in the world would I be horny right now? I’m tired, annoyed, and just want to put clothes back on. Debating about politics loses me viewers, but at least I keep my sanity.

When I see Todd come in, I contemplate shutting my camera off, but he starts throwing tokens at me before I can decide. Well damn, now I actually have to do things. He recently bought me a glass dildo; the cheapest thing on my Amazon wish list. But ever since, he has been obnoxious. He demands that I remove other users he doesn’t like from my room since he’s the only one putting out any money. Contrary to your belief, Todd, I am not your girlfriend, I will never be your girlfriend, and you do not own me.

I told all my friends and even my sister, about camming. Knowing me, they weren’t really surprised. I have always been interested in sexuality and had frequent debates with friends on the topic. A few of my male friends said that wanted to watch. Since I obviously couldn’t stop them from doing so, the compromise was that they weren’t allowed to comment either in the chat room or in real life. I didn’t want to hear what they thought of my show. Even without the commentary, my relationships started to change. Suddenly, I wasn’t one of the bros anymore, and they were all now aware that I did, in fact, have a vagina. No, this is not some elaborate scheme to get you to ask me out, and, no, I do not want to have sex with you.

I shift through my fan mail after the show. With over 5,000 followers on the cam site, a 1,000 on tumblr, and a few hundred Skype contacts, the fan mail often got to be too much. There are two main types of fans: business-minded and those who want an Internet girlfriend. Of the choices, I prefer the former. Those who imagined me to be their potential Internet girlfriend all wanted to be special, to pull themselves away from the pack and to get to know the real me. There is one thing that they share however: an overwhelming desire to show me pictures of their penis. I never want to see another picture of a dick again. They sent them as if their lives depended on it. The pictures come in by the dozen, always with a request for comments. Oh look, another penis, so much different than the one before it. It has extra hair.

I was so sick of spending 5-8 hours at a time, several days a week doing the exact same thing. The past few shows had not gone well and I was out of new ideas. I no longer blushed when the compliments poured in and I found myself resenting my commitment to my fans. Stripping had become a chore necessary to keep viewers in my room so I could chat with them. But even the conversation was becoming boring and tedious. The thrill and excitement was replaced by disdain and weariness.

The burnout happened quickly. Suddenly, I was done with all of it.


It’s been almost a year since my last show. I haven’t logged into Tumblr for months and I stopped the automatic forwarding of my fan mail to my normal email account. I, or a fan, occasionally find recordings of my shows on motherless, but I’ve gotten used to the reporting process to get them taken down, and the last time I Googled my screen name, there were only a few image results left.

I met a guy who became my boyfriend, and eventually I decided to tell him about Ariel. He was pretty relaxed about it and seemed more concerned in making sure that I was OK than passing judgment. I’ve shown him the site and some of my old pictures and videos and he’s even asked what kind of money we could make doing a show together.

What he is not so happy about is the one fan I still keep in contact with -– Adam. I met Adam back in my 4chan days. He always stuck out because the only thing he ever requested were pictures of me in business casual. And unlike everyone else, when he sent a dick pic, it was of his bulge in a well-tailored pair of slacks. We just recently connected again when he sent a random email asking how I had been. We rarely talk about how we met and just chat as friends through email, but even so I let my boyfriend read all the emails to assure him that there is no need for concern.

Walking away from my experience as a sex worker I realize how lucky I was. I never caught an STI, never got pregnant, never had a stalker, never got harassed, and never broke the law. My year as a camwhore has become something to shock people with at the bar, but only if they are drunk enough that they won’t remember.

I still have moments of panic that when someone is looking at me strangely, it’s because he’s seen my show. But for the most part I don’t often think about being in front of the camera anymore. The experience has left me with an intimate knowledge of what every inch of my body looks like from every conceivable angle, and the knowledge that there are a lot of secretive freaks out there that only need the mask of the Internet to let go.

Everything can be done online, including SEX

There are many websites that offer online sex, and that can be porn, webcams or anything. You have to be smart enough to know that there are many of the ways, but you need not be confused as you can get better ways with the help of online sex.

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Camgirls and Yoni Eggs

Yoni Egg: How to Use and get benefit from it

For training intimate muscles there is a kind of simulator – Yoni eggs. Many people know about the balls of Ben-w or Kegel exercises, with which you can make the muscles of the female vagina manageable. Yoni eggs are another assistant in this business. This simulator was known in ancient times. In ancient China, in the imperial palace, the concubines, even after several genera, remained adept mistresses, because they knew How long to use a yoni egg. The technique of training the muscles of the vagina, including the use of Yoni eggs, priestess, geisha, hetera, because they have always been considered to be first-class masters of love joys.

This is called training intimate muscles or pelvic floor muscles. The first three letters are decoded as B – vaginal, Y – controlled, M – muscles, and the building in English means development, construction.

The beneficial effects of Yoni eggs on women’s health

In principle, all women intimate muscles need to be strengthened. Especially women with urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, need this, if air enters the vagina during sexual intercourse or bending, water penetrates during bathing, when there is a threat of infection. Therefore, if you regularly use Yoni miracle eggs, this group of muscles in women will become elastic; they will increase blood circulation and, accordingly, in the tissues of the pelvic floor will be more nutrients and oxygen.

The yoni egg yoga makes a big impact on women’s health. The Yoni stone itself is considered healing. Therefore, the load on the vaginal muscles from exercises with Yoni eggs contributes to the treatment of congestion in the ovaries, vagina, pelvic organs and their prevention.

With the help of a yoni egg it is quite possible to get rid of various ailments, such as erosion, myocysts, fibroids, and painful periods, disruption of micro-flora, breast lumps, and mastopathy.

It helps to protect against and postmenstrual syndrome and stabilize the mental and emotional state of women. Also with the help of exercises with Yoni eggs, the problem of overweight is solved, due to the effect on the hormonal system of the woman.

Yoni egg massage, of course, will affect the intimate life. In the process of training with Yoni eggs, the volume of the vagina is reduced, which should please the sexual partner of a woman who is engaged in yoni training. Moreover, these trainings will give sexual pleasure not only to the man, but also to the woman herself. These exercises result in an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones, while the orgasm will become brighter, and sexual excitement will acquire more saturated colors.

Exercises with Yoni eggs are very useful for future parturient women to learn how to control their body, as this will help with attempts. Even during the training of intimate muscles, the press and diaphragm are strengthened.

In the end, classes with Yoni eggs slow down the process of age-related changes and the aging of organs. By training intimate muscles, women accumulate energy, from which menopause and menopause does not occur for a very long time, the childbearing function can also be preserved. And, as you know, during menopause changes occur in the body, which have a very negative effect on the appearance and health of a woman. Those who are engaged in yoni yoga, prolongs their youth. It is believed that in pretty adult women who train intimate muscles, the eyes are lively and expressive, and the skin looks youthful and smooth. If an aged woman, who survived the stage of menopause, decided to begin to engage in yoni yoga, then it is never too late to do so, because the aging process is reversible.

Recommendations for the use of Yoni eggs

So, you have firmly decided to take up wood blocking and have chosen Yoni eggs as an intimate trainer. After purchasing a set of Yoni eggs, do not rush to start classes. Before you use the eggs, they must be cleaned and then they will only be yours.

Cleansing eggs

To clean the eggs from Yoni, they need to be put for a day in a saline solution, which is prepared in the ratio of one tablespoon of salt per glass of water. Then, without touching the solution or the eggs with your hands, put them under running water for 20 minutes. This is a procedure for leaching information that has accumulated in the stone. Water along with the solution and the accumulated information will flow down the drain. At the end of the eggs for disinfection should be boiled for several minutes. Now accurately eggs from Yoni finally cleaned, and you can be sure that they will bring you a lot of benefits. Now you can start training.


  1. Classes begin with the simplest: take the smallest egg in size, lying with bent knees, enter into the vagina, and try to compress it with intimate muscles. The next exercise is to stretch the egg by the thread from the vagina, while resisting the intimate muscles.
  2. An interesting exercise – pulling the egg inside. In the sitting position, lean you’re back on the back of the bed or the wall, you need to have a shallow egg and begin to quickly retract it: drag in – relax. If you do the exercise correctly, then the fishing line, which is “swallowed” by the vagina, will gradually also go inside. It may seem to you that the exercise is rather complicated, but when you start it, you will see how easy it all is.
  3. The next exercise – “shooting” with an egg, should be the first time. Egg must be inserted close to the entrance and pushing it out. After you learn to do this, move the egg deeper, then push it through the vagina with an attempt and at the end “spit out” it.
  4. This exercise called “am” is really difficult. Here you need to swallow the egg on the contrary. It is entered only half and you need to swallow the egg labia. At the beginning of the study, the exercise is best done in the pose of “birch trees”, resting their feet against the wall. In order to get it right, relax your intimate muscles, and then strain. If you do not get the exercise, do not worry; help your hand to push the egg inside.
  5. These exercises can be done in different poses – sitting, lying, and standing. Gradually change the eggs in size, hang the load to them. A bottle of water weighing 250 g – 1.5 kg can serve as cargo. Pick your weight so that it is comfortable, but at the same time that it is felt. Weights are used when walking, crouching, when raising legs, and simply when pulling an egg inside. There are still passive exercises with Yoni eggs – this is when the egg is inside the vagina for a long time (for eight hours).

And finally, you should keep in mind that you should never give your eggs to anyone especially not to give someone to hold them in their hands, because the Yoni will instantly absorb the energy of that person. It is also desirable to conduct training in a very good mood so that your eggs accumulate only positive energy.

Camgirls Using Sex Slings

Kama Sutra: the position of the Sling and different types of Erotic Slings

Regarding sex, do you like to lead the dance? Discover the location of the sling, one of the positions of Kama Sutra where the woman decides the movement and pace to adopt. A good idea to renew the pleasure and sensations!

The position of the sling: what is it?

To achieve this position of Kamasutra, the man lies on his back, legs stretched in front of him and slightly apart. His partner sits on him, at the level of his pelvis, while turning his back. She places her legs on both sides of her lover’s thighs and guides the introduction of the penis. The woman then slings back and forth, reproducing the movement of the sling, hence the name of the position of the sling. She can take support on the thighs of her partner.

The different strengths of the position of the sling

The location of the sling is part of the sexual situations where the woman leads the dance. The man remains to lie down, and the woman indicates movement and rhythm to her partner. Man’s actions are relatively limited: he lets himself be made, which is to the liking of individual men. The woman can also, in this position, caress the clitoris and its erogenous zones without his partner seeing it. The two partners do not see each other, each focuses on his feelings to him, and the lower abdomen becomes the only target of all their attention. A good idea to increase pleasure and certainly reach orgasm and that does not require too much flexibility.

The position of the sling: some tracks to vary the pleasures

To increase the comfort, the man who wishes can raise the torso slightly by leaning on his forearms or his hands. In this case, his hands are entirely taken. He can no longer touch or fondle his partner: he has only to let himself go, and his partner is even freer of his movements. For its part, it can strengthen the sling movement by arching backwards or leaning forward! A variant of the position of the sling that certainly provides new sensations to the test!

Types of Erotic Slings for Straight and Gay Couples

The first impression of a sexual sling leaves us more or less clear why to use it, and it consists of placing us at the waist, with or without straps, and to have at the height of the pubis an artificial penis, either a vibrating penis or a dildo Normal with a realistic penis shape. This is why many people call them a belt with a penis or a belt with a penis, since their placement is similar, although with a very different use, of course.

The type of fastening is also an essential factor in a sexual sling, and there are slings with straps, adjustable panties with a built-in penis, even the newest double slings that even go without straps. What is clear is that they have become a fashionable product, which serves for men and women of all sexual orientations, since there is a huge variety in them. There are so many that it’s worth seeing them all.

Sex slings are products that have become very fashionable, and although a priori they may seem like objects reserved for sexual practices that are more “hard” or different from those that most couples usually practice, the truth is that we can assure that today, erotic slings are one of the bestselling products of online sex shop, together with heavyweights of erotic toys such as the very vibrator for couples We-Vibe Sync 5.

Sexual Slings for Beginners

For all those people who are looking for a hollow sling fetish fantasy for him and her : sexual sling for beginners, the brand Fetish fantasy brings us the type of sling with ideal penis for those who want to start and try these toys, and is valid for them as well as for them, since can be used for all types of erotic games and sexual practices, and serves as a sling for lesbians and can play between women, or for pegging practices between women who anally penetrate men, and even for men to wear to his hollow penis, which allows them to introduce their virile member when they want to rest or have lost some erection, and thus be able to follow the game and penetration, both women and other men.

The dildo or penis is a flexible and realistic material, totally pleasant for the body, is not hard but is flexible and malleable, but has enough rigidity to stay erect and provide good penetrations.

In addition, the sling is Strap-On so that we can exchange penises if we want, and try other sizes and shapes, since you can add all pipedream penises compatible with strap-on slings such as BASIX penis gelatin, or Real Feel Deluxe realistic penises, which have sizes for all tastes (some vast) and very varied shapes. The good thing about these slings is that the elastic fastening is practical and with a thicker belt at the waist that is very comfortable to start, that is subject and feels comfortable using it and the size of the penis is intermediate, and its tip is curved and smooth to perform the penetrations delicately at the beginning if desired.

Slings for the First Time Fetish Fantasy

An ideal product of which Pipedream has in its extensive catalogue and extensive collection of Fetish Fantasy series, is the erotic slings for the first time, and that suppose a perfect and infallible bet for those couples who want to start using this type of toys, and they want to play to change role, being, for example, the woman who wears it and penetrates the man anally. The most peculiar and functional is that it is a Strap on the original sling, so you can also exchange the penis at any time thanks to the system of brackets and rings if you want to put another dildo of different shape or size later.

Wear four adjustable straps to adjust the sling to your body, while the front surface will hold the dildo in place when the environment warms up. The measurements of the dildo are ideal for the first time: 13.5 cm. X 2.9 cm. It is also a product 100% free of phthalates, with a flexible material that simulates the vigour of a penis, and if the price on offer is not attractive enough, includes a gift mask, as well as samples of lubricant for you to use.

This practice is known as “pegging”, and is the way that has been baptized to practice that for centuries many men like to feel, because it is worth remembering that in the anal area of ​​the perineum is the point P, one of the points of pleasure that if pressed, more stimulates men and more pleasure provides them.

Although it can also serve as a sling with an average penis, for example a sling for lesbians, or even if it is well placed, it can serve as an erotic sling for men to wear, although for this specific issue we have hollow slings, in which it is easier to accommodate the penis, whether it is erect or at rest.

Camgirls with Sex Toys

Sex toys: what is it, how to choose it if you are fat?

Sex toys or unique toys are products that help you enjoy sex. They are used for experiments in pairs, for masturbation. Some products are used during foreplay, as a way to increase arousal before sex with a partner, while others directly during intimacy to enhance sensations, bring the moment of orgasm closer.

Today there are hundreds of types of private goods. These are sex toys for men and women, devices for couples, goods for BDSM, etc. They even include intimate cosmetics, as it also helps to make sex brighter and more interesting.

You can buy sex toys in specialised stores – sex shops. A considerable range will allow you to find something useful for any person or couple. And some types of goods today are sold in pharmacies, but there is a choice a few times less.

Who needs sex toys?

It is believed that only lonely people buy sex toys. This is a huge misconception. The majority of customers of adult stores are people who have long lived in a pair. With the help of unique toys, they try to diversify sex life, make the union stronger, and the relationship brighter. Who else chooses sex toys?

Couples who want diversity: If the passion began to fade, adult products would help her return. New sensations will make sex more desirable and more interesting. With the help of such products new worlds that can comprehend over the years.

Lovers get all the new sensations: Connoisseurs of sex toys have already tried something, but are ready to move on and get even more pleasure. Often they follow the news of the sex industry, trying to choose things with new features.

People who find it difficult to have sex but want to: There are a large number of plus size men and women who for health reasons cannot lead a full-fledged sex life. Sex toys help them in this. Proximity becomes possible with erectile dysfunction, injuries of the spine or joints, overweight, etc.

Lonely people: With the help of sex toys, you can relieve stress, get an orgasm, escape from everyday life. There are products for men and women that guarantee pleasure without the participation of a second partner.

Men who want to increase stamina: With the help of a vacuum pump or a masturbator, you can control the duration of sex, the power of arousal. Experiments with sex products can learn to be the perfect lover, and then apply all the knowledge in a relationship.

Women who want to reveal their sensitivity: With a sex toy, you don’t have to pretend; you can examine the body for a long time and carefully. Understanding your erogenous zones and the right methods of exposure allows you to find exciting ways to orgasm. These discoveries also come to share with a loved one.

People who monitor the health of the urinary-genital system: A sex toy can also be a pelvic floor muscle trainer. For women, such exercises help prevent urinary incontinence and lowering of the pelvic organs; for men, it helps in the prevention of prostatitis and haemorrhoids. The simulator can complement the exercises and give pleasure.

Men and women of different ages buy sex toys. They are popular with young people and adults. But only a person who has reached the age of majority can buy products.

What are the criteria for choosing sex toys?

To buy the best sex toy, you need to understand – for what purpose it is required. Products for adults differ in functions, methods of use. But these are not the only criteria. On the types of sex toys will be discussed later. And what else you need to pay attention to when choosing?

Materials Intimate toys in contact with the most delicate areas of the body

That is why it is essential to consider the choice of coverage carefully. Unique formulations do not cause allergies, irritation. They go through a complex testing system. That is why it is recommended to buy products from trusted manufacturers who are responsible for quality. The most common materials are silicone, PVC, TPR or TPE, glass, metal, live leather. In sex toys, special dyes are used, which are also entirely neutral and safe.

Purpose of using

Each sex toy performs its functions. For example, vibrators are created for different points. There are clitoral models, anal, vaginal. Vaginal balls can be used to strengthen the muscles or for masturbation. Vacuum pumps help to increase the penis, but also cause an erection, if necessary. Understanding what you expect from the purchase, you can significantly narrow down the choice. It is essential to determine in advance the objectives of the application, so as not to be disappointed in the result. And it is necessary to understand that there are things to stimulate different zones, for example, massagers, they are more suitable for those who do not know what he wants.


Create sex products for hundreds of companies. Well-known companies very carefully monitor the quality of products; pay a lot of attention to details. Choosing the things of famous brands, you get high-quality sex toys, but at the same time, the price can be a bit high. Little-known companies offer cheaper options, but they do not always have a guarantee.


Focus on the cost when buying a sex toy is not worth it. This indicator is not the most important. It is better to pay attention to the functions, control methods, methods of nutrition. The more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. But sometimes it is easier to overpay for a battery device than to regularly buy replacement batteries. Sex toys are sold at different prices, a decent thing you can choose for a modest amount or purchase premium goods at a significant rate.

Types of sex toys

All modern sex products can be divided into three broad categories: sex toys for men, for women and couples. Sometimes this division is conditional, as people can apply both together and alone.

Sex toys for women

Intimate products for women help to increase arousal, bring the moment of orgasm, or cause magical pleasure. Besides, some things help improve health, make muscles more elastic.


The best-selling sex toys are vibrators. Modern models may be phallic or ultramodern. They are large and small, and they stimulate different zones. All of them are united by one opportunity – sympathetic vibrations with varying intensity. The more modes and speeds the more exciting the application is.

Clitoral stimulants affect the most tender part of the body. They massage the clitoris, helping to make sex bright. It can even be used in pairs.

Vaginal sex toys are introduced into the fold, while some models not only vibrate but also pulsate, rotate. Some even make progress without the help of hands. Anal vibrators are equipped with special limiters so that the device is not lost deep in the body.

The vibrator is one of the best sex toys for plus sized women because it can touch different parts. And the device for women will help to make the pleasure of a man stronger if during some caresses to move him over the skin of tender places.

Sex Dolls and Pornstars

How to choose a sex doll: the main selection criteria

Adult humankind has been using dolls since ancient times. In the antique period, these were rather crudely made statues, animal body parts and stuffed animals, and in the last century Adolf Hitler personally described what an ideal artificial woman should be for an Aryan soldier. Since then, the sex industry has made great strides forward, and modern dolls can surprise even sophisticated buyers.

Female and male dolls

Traditionally, the words “sex doll” appears to be a purely male intimate toy, although in specialized stores you can also find models for women. They differ from males in exactly the same features of anatomy as real males from females. If the sex toys for men, the main “jobs” are made in the form of holes, then female models are equipped with a dildo. Depending on the cost of the model, it can be performed with maximum anatomical precision, as well as be equipped with a vibrator for greater pleasure.

When choosing your sex doll, you need to consider a number of important parameters.

Criteria for choosing sex dolls

Sex toys on the market today presents a huge number and different models can differ significantly from each other. When choosing, consider the following characteristics:

  • Functionality – if we are talking about the cheapest inflatable doll with one hole, then its functionality will be minimal, and such a toy will get tired pretty quickly. Fortunately, the modern industry of intimate goods offers options for every taste and wallet size, and if you wish, you can find a model that is anatomically the most similar to a living person. Of course, it will cost much more than an inflatable soother.
  • Appearance – depends on the cost and is selected depending on your needs. If you need a simple “tool” for sexual satisfaction, then an inflatable baby doll, very little resembling a living woman, will do. But for aesthetes there are more expensive, but also better quality options with real hair and silicone skin. Buying a realistic sex doll will cost a lot, but you will get much more pleasure from using it.
  • Quality – even if you buy the most affordable male or female sex doll, you still need to look at the quality of its production. The seams should be smooth and neat, on the surface should not be drips of glue or paint.

Also be sure to consider the safety of sexual toys for health. The toy should be made of non-toxic materials: no unpleasant odor, which indicates the use of harmful paint and rubber of poor quality, without soiling surfaces.

Selection of dolls for realism

Over the past decade, the industry for making sex dolls has advanced far ahead. If at the beginning of the century they all looked like an inflatable toy for the beach, now you can find models that look almost like a living person, can change their posture and even blink, make sounds. Naturally, the more opportunities a toy have, the more expensive it is.

When choosing a model for the realism of its appearance, consider the following pros and cons of different options:

An inflatable doll is the most budgetary option, which is good because such a toy does not require a lot of storage space and is easy to transport from place to place. You can at any time inflate and blow off your “beloved woman”, which will allow you to take her with you on a business trip or on vacation without any problems. The disadvantages of such erotic dolls can be attributed to a very clumsy appearance and the presence of only one posture, given by the manufacturer;

  • Silicone doll – the quality is a step above the previous version. It boasts a more “lively” appearance, pleasant to the touch, such a doll can change its position, and an artificial vagina or penis can be equipped with a vibrator. The disadvantages, in addition to the high price, include the fact that the storage of silicone sex dolls will require much more space than for the inflatable, and you can’t take it out of the house as easily as an inflatable sex doll. Therefore, this option is well suited only for home use;
  • Animatronic doll – the best doll for sex, which can move, blink, make sounds, it can be put in any position. The basis of such a toy is a mechanical skeleton, coated with silicone or latex. Alas, the price of such models is very high, and only really wealthy people can afford them. Animatronic dolls made by specialized Japanese or American companies can cost as much as several thousand dollars, so they can rightly be considered elite sex toys.

General advice on choosing

Obviously, the answer to the question of how to choose a sex doll is not so simple. There are many selection criteria, but quality should always be the determining factor. A poor-quality toy can scratch, and a toxic material can cause an allergic reaction. Cheap sex toy can cause laughter or disgust, but not excitement, but only the most realistic model can really excite. Therefore, it makes sense to fork out, but to buy a doll for bedding comfort is as realistic as possible both in appearance and in material.

The best sex dolls are made in the USA, Japan and a number of European countries. But products originally from China are often of very poor quality. When choosing, remember that the quality is directly dependent on the price, so do not need to save. After all, this is the most intimate side of your life.

Male Sex dolls

Male doll- will become an indispensable toy for women, and perhaps even men. These dolls completely imitate the body of a man with the genitals as close to reality as possible. Although it is worth noting that almost all manufacturers focus on the genitals, missing the detailing of the doll’s body itself. Sex dolls men will help out the accumulated sexual energy, both women and men. Moreover, with the help of this doll, many will be able to lose their uncertainty in bed, having previously practiced on the doll. Some sexologists in some cases even recommend that women and men try sex with a fully subservient partner, that is, a doll. This is how to master the skill of managing sexual intercourse, which is very important in relations with a real partner. Main material for making sex dolls is a soft polymer or latex. Male sex dolls can be both the simplest – seamless, and made of super-realistic cyber silicone, which brings them closer to the real person. A male sex doll will help brighten up a languid evening for both women and men; he has no problems with the hardness of his body and mood for sex.

Latex Clothing and Camgirls

Latex Clothing: The Ultimate Choice for Your Fantasy Moves

Spectacular and unusually sexy, latex clothing fits the body like a second skin, it not only looks amazing, but also gives sensual tactile pleasure. However, latex is extremely delicate material and requires special care. Expert tips on how to care for latex clothing will help to keep latex products in good condition for a long time, prolong their lifespan and invariably conquer those around you with their sexuality.

Purchase and preparation for use

New latex products are stored peppered with talc. Before first use, wash the product in warm water with mild, alkali-free soap. Then you can blot the product with a soft towel or shake it gently to remove excess water. Drying latex clothes should be on a hanger. First, turn the product inside out, and after a while, when the surface dries out, turn it back and dry the front side.

Latex clothing must not be machine washed, dried, hairdryer or ironed. In normal condition, latex does not shine. In order for the thing to shine like in the pictures, it is necessary to treat it with a special latex spray. As a rule, it is enough to apply a small amount of such a product on the front side of the thing and easily rub it over the surface with a hand or soft cloth. Do not allow latex fats and oils, as they destroy the material.

How to wear latex clothes

Latex is thin, elastic and tears easily enough, so you need to dress in a latex outfit very carefully, after removing from hand all sharp products, rings, bracelets, watches, etc. that can damage the material. In order not to tear or scratch the latex nails, you can use cotton gloves.

To facilitate dressing, clean the inner surface of the product and, if necessary, your body with talcum powder or silicone grease. Silicone goes well with latex and is safe for health. You cannot use lubricants and creams on the fat and oil bases, such as petrolatum, because they destroy the material.

Latex does not allow air and the skin under it does not breathe, therefore it is not recommended to wear latex products for a long time.

Do not allow latex to come into contact with products made of copper, bronze and other metals, since they leave irremovable brown spots on the latex.

How to store clothes made of latex

Store clothes made of latex, preferably on a hanger, in a closet, away from sunlight. It is not recommended to keep latex items folded, as creases may form in places of the folds. Do remember maintaining latex clothing need special care.

To prevent sticking, after cleaning and drying, clean the inner surface of the product with talcum powder. The fact that latex clothing today is rapidly gaining popularity is no longer a secret. Many women prefer to wear bodysuits, suits, gloves, tights and more from this material, not only in nightclubs, but also to work. Vinyl and polymer clothing is a symbol of the XXI century. Of particular interest is the representative of the fair sex clothing for intimate meetings. This is a great way to win the attention of men, arouse in him the passion and desire.

But, like any other thing, latex clothing needs proper care and proper storage so that it can please your eye for many years. First of all, you should know that latex is a polymeric material made from natural rubber. By virtue of its naturalness, it has a number of disadvantages, which should be forced. For example, after each use, such clothes must be washed.

Since latex is a dense material through which a person’s skin barely breathes, a condensate effect may occur. As a result of sweating, a latex suit or gloves can quickly absorb the smell of sweat, which, when interacting with polymers, can create an even more unpleasant odor. In addition, sweat can adversely affect the elasticity of the material, with the result that the fit may weaken and the appearance will resemble burlap.

When washing it is enough to use liquid soap in a compartment with warm water. Do not forget to rinse clothes several times. At the same time, you should not use washing machines or brushes. Everything must be done manually and without much friction. This may damage the latex layer in no case should not use alkaline detergents. After washing, dry clothes at room temperature. After drying, be sure to apply a latex polish.

A special tool will give more brightness and gloss to clothes, keep it new and will also emphasize your sexuality. The remaining varnish preparations not intended for latex are not recommended. Also during drying and after it, the same polish or talc can be applied inside. Latex clothing in this case will not stick together from the inside; it will not appear dents and other lines that are difficult to iron.

If you are not wearing latex clothes, try to keep them in a dark place, preferably cool. In this case, the clothes will retain their shape, elasticity and plasticity for a long time. The fact is that dyed latex clothing can become discolored, and under the influence of a long thermal effect, clothing will lose its shape.

Latex, as a material, is very gentle and soft. For this reason, it is not recommended to dry after washing or to hang clothes on radiator batteries or near heaters. At high temperatures, the latex suit may begin to melt, and various pressure sores and swollen bubbles may form on it.

And finally, latex is a very susceptible material. Such metal products as bronze, brass can negatively affect clothes, sometimes even paint. Also negatively on the quality of latex products can have a cosmetic. For example, some types of lipstick or mascaras are not erased at all, quickly absorbed into the surface of the material.

Why do we need latex clothes?

First, let’s define the terms. Strictly speaking, the terms “latex” and “rubber” are different, although in principle they mean the same thing. The main difference is in the chemical composition of the materials themselves.

Latex is based on natural rubber concentrated and stabilized milky juice of Brazilian Hevea. By certain technological processes, it turns out sheet latex, which we use for the production of clothing.

Rubber is, after all, a more general term that combines materials derived from natural or synthetic rubbers. So what, after all, need clothes made of latex? Externally similar materials are often confused with latex, for example, biflex, stretch vinyl, spandex with a special coating, etc. But these materials may be similar to latex only in appearance, but already upon closer inspection, the difference is visible. External similarity is only a glossy shine. But neither by elasticity nor by sensation can they be compared to latex.

The fact is that the latex stretch ratio reaches 500%. This means that it is possible to make clothes from latex, which will fit the body like a second skin, due to its elasticity; latex will exactly repeat the curves of the body both at rest and in motion.

Many are attracted by this property of latex clothing to fit like a second skin and there are many aspects. It gives the feeling of being protected from the external environment, relaxation and isolation from the outside world. Interesting sensations externally naked body, and in fact completely covered in latex.

Another aspect of the appeal of latex clothing is an unusual and very sexy appearance. A new and unusual sensation gives the view of your own body, adopted a glossy black shine or the like of snake skin. You can fully transform into a mysterious and fantastic character.

Latex clothing is the best for clubs and parties, for those places where you could look extremely sexy and unusual, reveal yourself completely from the new side and make your most intimate fantasies a reality.

One of the main qualities of latex is its exceptional eroticism. Latex clothing is able to show all the beauty of your body and at the same time, hide all minor flaws. And these are not just words, you can see for yourself, because now such clothes have become available.

Latex can often be seen in movies, in advertising, on the stage and on the catwalks of fashion shows. The reason is simple – latex costumes look unusual, mysterious and very sexy.

Milk Your Prostate with Camgirls

What you need to know to do the correct prostate massage at home

Prostatitis is a purely masculine disease and quite often occurs in our time. One of the non-medicated methods of his treatment is prostate massage. It can be carried out in a medical institution or at home – if a problem arises, the wife does not need a medical education to learn the technique of how to properly treat a prostate massage for her husband. For the treatment of prostatitis, a set of measures is applied, including massage. There are prostate massagers for sale over at loveplugs offering wide variety of prostate massager designs.

Effective methods of combating prostatitis

Direct prostate massage of a man is often indicated in case of prostatitis – an inflammatory disease of the prostate. The disease refers to the common, is divided into four categories and usually has joint pathologies:

  • Vesiculitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Hyperplasia of the prostate.

The leading causes of prostatitis are divided into:

  • Stagnant (non-infectious) – reduced immunity, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, disturbances in the rhythm of sexual activity, prolonged hypothermia and other;
  • Infectious – the defeat of the prostate pathogens of the disease (microbes, viruses, fungi and others) or the presence in the body of a man of a chronic inflammatory process of any nature.

Medical indication for massage

Before you do your husband’s massage procedures, you need to be sure that such an intervention will not lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition. After treatment with direct massaging is not always possible – it should be done in the case of non-infectious prostatitis and contraindicated in the infectious nature of the disease.

Also, the various forms of the disease also limit the ability to do home message – in an acute form it is contraindicated. Often, even the diagnostic palpation of the prostate in dangerous form is painful to carry out because of the extremely high morbidity of the prostate and reflex spasm of the muscle tissue of the anus.

Treatment of this form of prostate injury is carried out in a hospital with the use of powerful antibiotics and antiandrogens that suppress androgen receptors of the gland.

In order not to harm, massage at home can be done not as self-medication, but after consulting a doctor and when appointing a patient such a procedure. In this case, the doctor must make an appointment for the husband: how much time can be spent procedures, how many days and how often it should be done.

Preparing for a message

Immediately before the massaging of the gland is recommended to make some procedures that enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

  • It is advisable to clean the intestines before carrying out massage procedures, for this you can make an enema with a warm solution of chamomile.
  • The patient is recommended to drink 1 hour before the procedure for 1 litre of water – the filled bladder exerts additional pressure on the prostate gland, making the treatment procedure more effective.
  • The technique implies that the patient is completely relaxed – this will avoid negative feelings.
  • The patient should take a pose, for him the most convenient, and it can be: lying on the right side, with knees tightened to the abdomen; elbow-elbow position.
  • Correct message is necessary for surgical gloves with the use of the lubricant (you can use Vaseline) to avoid irritation and soreness.


Technique of execution

After the preparatory stage, you should start the message itself, for this, the index finger is gently injected into the patient’s anus. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 cm, in size and shape to the touch like a nut. A density of the gland – soft or dense – depends on the severity and neglect of the inflammatory process.

Fumbling with the finger of the gland, massage should be done by light stroking movements, starting from the right side and gradually turning to the left. At the end of treatment, gently press down on the central part and draw a finger along the central groove from top to bottom. The procedure takes an average of 2-3 minutes, and it can be carried out every other day.

In case if after three sessions for 3 minutes the husband does not have a positive dynamics, you should consult a doctor. Most likely, that massaging, in this case, will not bring results, and from its further carrying out it is necessary to refuse.

Also, it is necessary to refuse massage to the husband at revealing of the following contraindications:

  • An acute and semi-acute form of prostatitis;
  • Tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Presence of critical infectious processes in the body;
  • The body temperature of the husband exceeding the norm;
  • The presence of haemorrhoids, especially when it is exacerbated;
  • Problems with urination or with the bladder;
  • Cracks in the tissues of the anus.

The presence of clear or white discharge from the husband after the procedure is the norm, in the case of purulent discharge (yellow), massage should be stopped immediately.

Possible negative feelings and their causes

The husband, being a patient in this situation, should be psychologically prepared for the procedure. It is necessary to convey that the proper message will not cause pain. You should tell him in advance how many minutes the treatment will last, and explain that for the painlessness of the procedure, he should relax the gluteal muscles, lumbar muscles and the press.

In the case of a husband’s pain, treatment with massage procedures should be temporarily stopped and consulted by the doctor – whether there are any contraindications.

Dangers of unprofessional influences

Unskilled procedures conducted by his wife may be dangerous to the health of her husband.

For example:

  • If you do massage with acute bacterial prostatitis – as a result of possible infection of blood;
  • If there are stones in the prostate gland, the procedure can lead to damage to the tissues of the colon and rupture of the cell membranes;
  • Excessive force during a massage can provoke separation of a short section of the urethra – pathology is practically not diagnosed, but destroys the urethra structure and imbalance of the micro-flora.

At the same time, the wife can be entrusted with carrying out a message to her husband, and one should strictly follow the rules and remember the delicacy of the procedure.