Were chastity belts in the Middle Ages? Are they used today?

What would be a filtered joke in the middle of an old book about war machines, ended up becoming one of the most widespread myths about fidelity and misogyny: the male chastity belts? The image of the medieval knight who departs to the crusades and leaves behind his damsel protected by one of these belts is just a historical lie, and a myth emerged in the eighteenth century, experts say today.

In a Budapest museum is the exhibition entitled “Secret Stories of the Chastity Belt. Myth and reality “, in which 20 examples of these objects are exhibited, some with padlocks and others with holes protected by metal teeth. The myth of the chastity belt emerged during the Enlightenment to be seen as the counterpart of the dark Middle Ages.

Popular culture and some scientific articles fed the legend. Even the Great American Encyclopedia, published from 1751, claimed that in the Middle Ages the use of the belt was widespread. Still, in the nineties, it was considered a fact that during the various crusades women were forced to use these devices to ensure their fidelity during the absence of their husbands. Museums in the USA, for example, were exhibited. It turned out that all these objects were counterfeits of the nineteenth century.

Currently, medicine states that belts, such as those mentioned in the legends, were not hygienic and that they would cause infections and injuries, even fatal, to those who carried them.

In the Victorian era, smaller, lighter and more refined belts were manufactured that were used for short periods of time to avoid violations. For example on trips, as romantic proofs of fidelity or to prevent women, especially the younger ones, from the masturbate or touch each other in bed during the night; since it was believed that this practice was highly pernicious and could lead to physical or mental illnesses. There is evidence that until the first years of the 20th century several patents of these objects were presented.

Object of pleasure

What started as a supposed method of torture ended up fueling erotic fantasies? On the online sites today, chastity belts are sold for men and women. There are steel and leather with padlocks and chains. Some have dildos, and vibrators included and are used mainly among those who practice sadomasochism. Prices range between $ 430 and $ 10.

There are also to prevent violations in a kind of impenetrable underwear that has been widely criticized because according to its detractors, it strengthens the idea that the woman is the one who should avoid the abuse, although the manufacturers maintain that the only responsible for a violation is the rapist.

On the Internet circulate all kinds of stories around the chastity belts: from a woman who placed one not to have sex and asked the firemen for help because she could not find the key, even a young woman who called the police because her husband placed her one.

In the United States, there is a female indie rock band called Chastity Belt (Chastity Belt). They have two studio albums and in Spotify more than 135 thousand monthly listeners and a song with more than 1 million reproductions. In Nicaragua, although there are social media groups for Bondage followers (which is the consensual practice of tying and submitting your partner for erotic purposes), sex experts explains that in the 13 Years of running the business have never sold chastity belts because the demand has been nil. They also comment that the prices of these devices are too high and are “unattractive” for the public that frequents the premises.

More to know about the male chastity belt

A chastity belt is an accessory designed to avoid intercourse or the possibility of masturbation, which includes a bolt or padlock. It is said that, in some contexts, there are women who supposedly use it to avoid possible violations.

Traditionally, there has been an excessive concern for chastity especially the chastity of women. However, today, there are also chastity belts for men. According to some modern myths, the chastity belt was used as an artifact against temptation during the Crusades. When a gentleman was away from his beloved and young woman, he forced her to wear the belt day and night until he returned.

In the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, masturbation was considered harmful by many western doctors. It is possible to find mentions in different specialised medical journals of the time about the use of chastity belts to avoid masturbation in adolescents, mainly. Many of the accessories designed to prevent masturbation began to disappear once the idea that masturbation was due to a mental problem was officially discarded.

Today it is possible to find two old chastity belts exposed in the Museum. Supposedly, one of them was used by Catherine de Medici and the other by Ana of Austria. You can also find other chastity belts exposed in the National Museum of Nuremberg and the British Museum.

Currently, according to information provided by some manufacturers, most of the chastity belts sold in Europe and the US are for men, just like what you can see at http://lockthecock.com. However, the design of this accessory has evolved and is no longer a belt. It is a kind of cage or shell that houses the penis, and in some cases also the testicles. It is a contraption used mainly by sadomasochism practitioners, both heterosexuals and homosexuals.

It is a shell with a tube in which the flaccid penis is inserted downward, with perforations in the lower part to allow it to be urinated. Generally, the testicles are exposed on both sides of the shell, although other accessories make it difficult to access any area of ​​the genitals.

With this contraption, the penis is not only protected but also it is impossible to have erections. It can be extremely uncomfortable and can be harmful to those who wear it for long periods.

What is your opinion about this type of gadgets? Do you know them? Have you ever used them? What do you think of chastity? All these questions are prevalent today, hope you got a clear view about the male chastity guide from this article.

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