Criteria to Choose your Anal Plug

Choosing is always a real headache. When it comes to an butt plug, it requires experience, some personal judgment. Of course, you cannot buy it on a simple whim. You have to know each other so that it does not end up in the bottom of the drawer without ever serving.

In fact, the anal plug is a sex toy shaped conical to introduce into the anus to stimulate it. This is a sex toy that consists of preparing for the impending anal sex penetration of her partner. This is an accessory that serves to excite his user. Its purpose is not only to stimulate the anus or vagina. It is also used to psychologically prepare the user that sexual intercourse more or less violent is expected. To know everything, it’s here!

Choose an anal plug by its size

For beginners, a plug of size is “small” of 2.5cm in diameter. In fact, your choice should be towards anal plugs of small sizes or just a little bigger than your finger. A too big plug will be uncomfortable for you as a novice.

Once comfortable with the size “small” , you can use the size “medium”, 2.5cm to 5cm type Rosebud. It comes replace the small anal plug of the beginning and can be put in place for hours.

For regulars, an “extra-large” anal plug with a diameter of more than 5cm will do. In this case, the penetration is very limited because of its large diameter.

You have to choose a good quality anal plug

It is recommended to always choose a good quality anal plug because if you buy a low-end plug, you could have small inflammations in your anus. In addition, a good quality plug does not mean a plug too expensive. There are good quality plugs at affordable prices but also very high-end plugs at very high prices. Prices can vary from a few euros up to more than 100 $.

The choice of the plug by its shape

The anal plugs have very different forms to the visual appearance. You will have to choose it smooth, textured, less elongated, rounded or ringed or like the nipple according to your desires. You have many options to choose from, as a matter of fact, there are many canadian butt plugs available here.

There are plugs specifically for women.

Their shapes are long and thin or swollen, elongated forms to stay in place in the anus. They can keep them for several hours under their underwear and can go to work or go shopping as usual. There are also anal plugs in the shape of raspberries colored in pink. For men, there are special forms dedicated to prostate stimulation from inside the anus. There are also pomegranate plugs for them.

The materials of the anal plugs to choose

The manufacturing materials of the plugs are numerous.

Silicone or jelly: these are soft and flexible materials. They feel neutral. Silicones are also extensible and very comfortable, even for novices. Medical silicone is very popular because it is hypoallergenic but also very soft, tender and rigid at the same time.

Anal plugs in stainless steel, steel, or surgical aluminum are robust and heavy for the most experienced. Pyrex anal plugs are strong and durable. Pyrex is smooth and can be heated or cooled as desired. There are also anal plugs in PVC or ABS, glass and even wood.

Finally, there are now plugs made with materials that are very close to human skin. It is for more pleasant and pleasant sensations.

Choose an anal plug with fantasies

It will be your tastes and desires that will determine the choice of your anal plug now. You will have to choose vibrating or simple anal plugs, but also inflatable plugs. There are models of anal plugs vibrators. They are also able to massage at the same time the prostate of the man to quickly have orgasm. They also allow abundant ejaculation.

Simple vibrating patterns also exist. They produce programmed vibration to surprise its user. And whose intensity and frequency are adjustable. These are very pleasant sex toys that provide intense sensations. There are inflatable models of anal plugs to alternate classic models.

In short, you must think carefully before choosing an anal plug. It is better to choose in good quality to avoid the inconvenience it can bring you. The prices are very varied but it’s up to you to find a compromise for your insurance.

What’s the point of an anal plug?

There are all kinds of anal plugs, of all shapes and sizes, but the plugs are always designed so that they can be inserted as easily as possible into the anus. Conical in shape more or less swollen and rounded, they usually have a thin tip, a wide part that narrows, and then a wide and flat end that allows the plug to insert gradually, but prevents it from getting lost completely in the rectum which would still be somewhat annoying!

The plug, once inserted into the anus, can stay in place for several hours and some will like to go out with and go about their business, under the naive and unsuspecting eyes of their peers, colleagues, passers-by, subway users, and other. The plugs can be used by men as well as women and all will find new sensations, to eventually decline later – if you really like by buying different plugs, different shapes and sizes and different dimensions!

In men, the plug stimulates the penis at its root and thus strengthens the erection. Moreover, when the plug is well adapted, it stimulates the prostate which is source of orgasms increased and ejaculations more abundant. Worn by a woman, the plug tightens the vaginal walls, which pleasantly increases the pressure on the sex of the man during a simultaneous vaginal penetration port plug. In both men and women, the anal plug is primarily to relax the anal sphincter to tame the anal pleasure and get acquainted with this area of ​​our body that is still a little scary to some. In addition to a feeling of great relaxation, the contractions of the anal muscles will cause immense pleasure that will spread throughout the lower abdomen of users who really risk getting a taste!

When to use an anal plug?

The plugs can be used solo and combined with a masturbation session to enhance the pleasure. This allows to tame her anal area alone, without being rushed by a partner or too urgent, to familiarize gently with this pleasure so special and eventually to prepare slowly to receive later sodomy without feeling for the moment the pressure of an outside look. Some will appreciate for example to fall asleep with a plug and then wake up with this pleasant sensation of a stimulated anus.

Others will like to hang out with it and the excitement will come from wearing a plug in the street without being noticed. Very popular in games of homosexuals, the use of a plug can also come to decorate the antics between men and women. You can ask your partner to introduce it or insert it into your partner’s anus. It can be very popular to give a few kisses or a few licks around the anus to lubricate the area and excite your partner at the same time! The anal plug can be left in place for a while in the buttocks of the girl while you will engage in other preliminaries, so that it relaxes and anal sphincters that expand to then engage in sodomy smoothly. In the anus of the man or the woman and even both at the same time, the anal plug can also decorate a vaginal penetration by reinforcing the pressure of the vagina on the sex of the man, or while stimulating parallel prostate. In any case, intense orgasms are to be expected!

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