Vaginism: How do Kegel Exercises Work

Not easy to have a fulfilling sex life when you suffer from vaginism! Many women do not dare to talk about this problem, but there are solutions! Sex experts guide you to apply Kegel exercises and Kegel exercise tools to regain serenity.

What are Kegel exercises?

The vaginism causes involuntary spasms and often very painful in the vagina, preventing the introduction of a penis, but also of a buffer or other foreign body. The Kegel exercises – the doctor’s name that brought them to the point in the 1950s – are to learn to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor.

This name may not tell you anything, but you necessarily know these muscles! They are the ones you ask for when you have an urgent desire, and you must restrain yourself. By controlling these contractions with adapted exercises, you will soon be able to say goodbye to vaginism.

Kegel exercises in practice

The advantage of Kegel exercises is that they can be practised anywhere and at any time of the day. To be sure of getting the right muscles, start by doing the test when you go to the bathroom trying to stop the flow of your urine. If you succeed, bravo! See more info at

You have found the muscles to work on. Once this first step is completed, you can apply the exercises correctly: several times a day, contract and relax your muscles by blocking the contractions for a few seconds before releasing. Do sets of twenty-four to five times a day, sitting or lying down. Do not forget that even Samantha did her daily exercises!

To go further to fight vaginism

Once you have mastered these exercises, try to introduce a finger into your vagina and contract your muscles. Repeat several times, and when you feel ready, put two, then three fingers. You will gradually get used to the presence of a foreign body in your vagina while controlling your contractions. Take your time and do not burn the steps! By practising these exercises regularly, you will be able to overcome vaginism. You can also consult a sexologist who will allow you to understand the origin of your vaginism.

How to feel the right muscles?

Try to stop the stream when urinating. If it works, congratulations, you found the Kegel muscles.

Perhaps you want to go to the toilet too much to hold back (if not, this is a rather alarming sign, run to the gynaecologist). As an alternative method try to insert a clean finger into the vagina and squeezing it and if everything is in order, you will feel a rise in the pelvic floor.

Well, if you are not so interested, spend a test drive with your beloved: during sex, try to squeeze his dick inside yourself and ask if he feels that you are hugging him more tightly.

Do you need to do exercises during urination?

Not. On the contrary, it is contraindicated, may aggravate the symptoms or even cause pain.

How to prepare for the exercises?

Empty your bladder, and you can proceed.

Are there any other nuances?

Do you know how when bending the index finger, the others also turn slightly? So, during the Kegel exercises, a similar thing happens: your gluteus and abdominal muscles can automatically strain. Try to control this moment. During the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, the rest should ideally be relaxed: this way you will avoid overstrain and spasms.

How to train?

Take a comfortable position: sitting, lying or standing (but not while walking). Tighten the muscles you need as much as possible for 5 seconds, and then relax. After a short pause, repeat. Make ten such approaches. Do not forget to breathe. Otherwise, you will get tired faster, and the benefits of training will decrease.

How much time and how often should you train?

Studies show that you can feel the first effect after 4–6 weeks of regular training two or more times a day.

The million dollar question: will my orgasm get stronger?

It’s quite possible. Alas, there is no research confirming this without a shadow of the doubt (with the study of the female orgasm is a problem at all), but many survey participants on the effectiveness of Kegel exercises claim that the duration and intensity of their orgasms have increased. This is easy to believe, because training the pelvic floor muscles accelerates the flow of blood to the perineum, particularly during arousal. It definitely won’t hurt your orgasm. Besides, you will please your man with a narrower and denser vagina. Win-win, as they say.

Little helpers

In addition to the “analogue” method of developing the Kegel-muscles, you can include in your training first weighting balls that will make the exercises more difficult and more effective. The choice is significant, for example:

The shots have only one problem – the lack of feedback: it is hard to maintain motivation if there is no visual result.

Arnold Kegel himself in the forties used a bulky device made of rubber bladder and tubes to measure muscle strength during exercise. Now, when interest in the topic is finally experiencing a rise, several modern and very lovely counterparts have appeared.

Meet the Magic Kegel Master

The name of the gynaecologist Arnold Kegel today, without exaggeration, is known to many women. His exercises have long been successfully used for training intimate muscles. Therefore, to get acquainted in more detail with the simulator for strengthening the pelvic floor, it has a panoramic overview of all the pros and cons, features and characteristics.

Immediately, note that this is not an advertisement for the goods. Yes, it is presented in the online store. The decision about the purchase will only take you. Besides, it is straightforward to check the integrity of informational materials.

How does Kegel trainer affect exercise performance?

If you already perform therapeutic exercises, and you have problems, doubts and questions, then here is the best solution for you. Most often, women think about:

  • Is physical education done according to the rules?
  • Is the maximum load observed?
  • It happens that workouts are skipped, how to organise them?
  • Tired of the routine nature of the exercises, what to do?
  • How to understand and measure whether there are at least some results?

All these omissions, of course, significantly reduce motivation. It happens that training stops. In general, to answer all these “why”, to understand and figure out whether the simulator is right for you, you should follow all its aspects.

Package of Kegel simulator Smart Kegel master

With it, you need to start. To store the simulator manufacturer has developed a nice looking box. She’s akin to iPhone. Apple set the trend of minimalism, and it was also used for private goods. Brief information about the simulator, located on the box, immediately catches the eye. It is not only the characteristics of smartphones that can be connected to it, but also the QR code. Scanning it will enable you to download the application at a fast pace. The simulator itself is packed tightly inside the box and secured to the stand.


The simulator is made in an attractive purple range.

A cover that provides storage, strictly black

Two instructions in the local language and English are included.

USB cable available for charging

Sizes and format:

This simulator has a ball structure, and there are two of them. They are fastened to each other with a first jumper. Two balls are 8 cm long. The upper one, which is also a small ball, has a diameter of 3 cm. The lower one, which is large, has a diameter of 3.5 centimetres.

Kegel Exercises Done by Camgirls

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