Yoni Egg: How to Use and get benefit from it

For training intimate muscles there is a kind of simulator – Yoni eggs. Many people know about the balls of Ben-w or Kegel exercises, with which you can make the muscles of the female vagina manageable. Yoni eggs are another assistant in this business. This simulator was known in ancient times. In ancient China, in the imperial palace, the concubines, even after several genera, remained adept mistresses, because they knew How long to use a yoni egg. The technique of training the muscles of the vagina, including the use of Yoni eggs, priestess, geisha, hetera, because they have always been considered to be first-class masters of love joys.

This is called training intimate muscles or pelvic floor muscles. The first three letters are decoded as B – vaginal, Y – controlled, M – muscles, and the building in English means development, construction.

The beneficial effects of Yoni eggs on women’s health

In principle, all women intimate muscles need to be strengthened. Especially women with urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, need this, if air enters the vagina during sexual intercourse or bending, water penetrates during bathing, when there is a threat of infection. Therefore, if you regularly use Yoni miracle eggs, this group of muscles in women will become elastic; they will increase blood circulation and, accordingly, in the tissues of the pelvic floor will be more nutrients and oxygen.

The yoni egg yoga makes a big impact on women’s health. The Yoni stone itself is considered healing. Therefore, the load on the vaginal muscles from exercises with Yoni eggs contributes to the treatment of congestion in the ovaries, vagina, pelvic organs and their prevention.

With the help of a yoni egg it is quite possible to get rid of various ailments, such as erosion, myocysts, fibroids, and painful periods, disruption of micro-flora, breast lumps, and mastopathy.

It helps to protect against and postmenstrual syndrome and stabilize the mental and emotional state of women. Also with the help of exercises with Yoni eggs, the problem of overweight is solved, due to the effect on the hormonal system of the woman.

Yoni egg massage, of course, will affect the intimate life. In the process of training with Yoni eggs, the volume of the vagina is reduced, which should please the sexual partner of a woman who is engaged in yoni training. Moreover, these trainings will give sexual pleasure not only to the man, but also to the woman herself. These exercises result in an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones, while the orgasm will become brighter, and sexual excitement will acquire more saturated colors.

Exercises with Yoni eggs are very useful for future parturient women to learn how to control their body, as this will help with attempts. Even during the training of intimate muscles, the press and diaphragm are strengthened.

In the end, classes with Yoni eggs slow down the process of age-related changes and the aging of organs. By training intimate muscles, women accumulate energy, from which menopause and menopause does not occur for a very long time, the childbearing function can also be preserved. And, as you know, during menopause changes occur in the body, which have a very negative effect on the appearance and health of a woman. Those who are engaged in yoni yoga, prolongs their youth. It is believed that in pretty adult women who train intimate muscles, the eyes are lively and expressive, and the skin looks youthful and smooth. If an aged woman, who survived the stage of menopause, decided to begin to engage in yoni yoga, then it is never too late to do so, because the aging process is reversible.

Recommendations for the use of Yoni eggs

So, you have firmly decided to take up wood blocking and have chosen Yoni eggs as an intimate trainer. After purchasing a set of Yoni eggs, do not rush to start classes. Before you use the eggs, they must be cleaned and then they will only be yours.

Cleansing eggs

To clean the eggs from Yoni, they need to be put for a day in a saline solution, which is prepared in the ratio of one tablespoon of salt per glass of water. Then, without touching the solution or the eggs with your hands, put them under running water for 20 minutes. This is a procedure for leaching information that has accumulated in the stone. Water along with the solution and the accumulated information will flow down the drain. At the end of the eggs for disinfection should be boiled for several minutes. Now accurately eggs from Yoni finally cleaned, and you can be sure that they will bring you a lot of benefits. Now you can start training.


  1. Classes begin with the simplest: take the smallest egg in size, lying with bent knees, enter into the vagina, and try to compress it with intimate muscles. The next exercise is to stretch the egg by the thread from the vagina, while resisting the intimate muscles.
  2. An interesting exercise – pulling the egg inside. In the sitting position, lean you’re back on the back of the bed or the wall, you need to have a shallow egg and begin to quickly retract it: drag in – relax. If you do the exercise correctly, then the fishing line, which is “swallowed” by the vagina, will gradually also go inside. It may seem to you that the exercise is rather complicated, but when you start it, you will see how easy it all is.
  3. The next exercise – “shooting” with an egg, should be the first time. Egg must be inserted close to the entrance and pushing it out. After you learn to do this, move the egg deeper, then push it through the vagina with an attempt and at the end “spit out” it.
  4. This exercise called “am” is really difficult. Here you need to swallow the egg on the contrary. It is entered only half and you need to swallow the egg labia. At the beginning of the study, the exercise is best done in the pose of “birch trees”, resting their feet against the wall. In order to get it right, relax your intimate muscles, and then strain. If you do not get the exercise, do not worry; help your hand to push the egg inside.
  5. These exercises can be done in different poses – sitting, lying, and standing. Gradually change the eggs in size, hang the load to them. A bottle of water weighing 250 g – 1.5 kg can serve as cargo. Pick your weight so that it is comfortable, but at the same time that it is felt. Weights are used when walking, crouching, when raising legs, and simply when pulling an egg inside. There are still passive exercises with Yoni eggs – this is when the egg is inside the vagina for a long time (for eight hours).

And finally, you should keep in mind that you should never give your eggs to anyone especially not to give someone to hold them in their hands, because the Yoni will instantly absorb the energy of that person. It is also desirable to conduct training in a very good mood so that your eggs accumulate only positive energy.

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