Kama Sutra: the position of the Sling and different types of Erotic Slings

Regarding sex, do you like to lead the dance? Discover the location of the sling, one of the positions of Kama Sutra where the woman decides the movement and pace to adopt. A good idea to renew the pleasure and sensations!

The position of the sling: what is it?

To achieve this position of Kamasutra, the man lies on his back, legs stretched in front of him and slightly apart. His partner sits on him, at the level of his pelvis, while turning his back. She places her legs on both sides of her lover’s thighs and guides the introduction of the penis. The woman then slings back and forth, reproducing the movement of the sling, hence the name of the position of the sling. She can take support on the thighs of her partner.

The different strengths of the position of the sling

The location of the sling is part of the sexual situations where the woman leads the dance. The man remains to lie down, and the woman indicates movement and rhythm to her partner. Man’s actions are relatively limited: he lets himself be made, which is to the liking of individual men. The woman can also, in this position, caress the clitoris and its erogenous zones without his partner seeing it. The two partners do not see each other, each focuses on his feelings to him, and the lower abdomen becomes the only target of all their attention. A good idea to increase pleasure and certainly reach orgasm and that does not require too much flexibility.

The position of the sling: some tracks to vary the pleasures

To increase the comfort, the man who wishes can raise the torso slightly by leaning on his forearms or his hands. In this case, his hands are entirely taken. He can no longer touch or fondle his partner: he has only to let himself go, and his partner is even freer of his movements. For its part, it can strengthen the sling movement by arching backwards or leaning forward! A variant of the position of the sling that certainly provides new sensations to the test!

Types of Erotic Slings for Straight and Gay Couples

The first impression of a sexual sling leaves us more or less clear why to use it, and it consists of placing us at the waist, with or without straps, and to have at the height of the pubis an artificial penis, either a vibrating penis or a dildo Normal with a realistic penis shape. This is why many people call them a belt with a penis or a belt with a penis, since their placement is similar, although with a very different use, of course.

The type of fastening is also an essential factor in a sexual sling, and there are slings with straps, adjustable panties with a built-in penis, even the newest double slings that even go without straps. What is clear is that they have become a fashionable product, which serves for men and women of all sexual orientations, since there is a huge variety in them. There are so many that it’s worth seeing them all.

Sex slings are products that have become very fashionable, and although a priori they may seem like objects reserved for sexual practices that are more “hard” or different from those that most couples usually practice, the truth is that we can assure that today, erotic slings are one of the bestselling products of online sex shop, together with heavyweights of erotic toys such as the very vibrator for couples We-Vibe Sync 5.

Sexual Slings for Beginners

For all those people who are looking for a hollow sling fetish fantasy for him and her : sexual sling for beginners, the brand Fetish fantasy brings us the type of sling with ideal penis for those who want to start and try these toys, and is valid for them as well as for them, since can be used for all types of erotic games and sexual practices, and serves as a sling for lesbians and can play between women, or for pegging practices between women who anally penetrate men, and even for men to wear to his hollow penis, which allows them to introduce their virile member when they want to rest or have lost some erection, and thus be able to follow the game and penetration, both women and other men.

The dildo or penis is a flexible and realistic material, totally pleasant for the body, is not hard but is flexible and malleable, but has enough rigidity to stay erect and provide good penetrations.

In addition, the sling is Strap-On so that we can exchange penises if we want, and try other sizes and shapes, since you can add all pipedream penises compatible with strap-on slings such as BASIX penis gelatin, or Real Feel Deluxe realistic penises, which have sizes for all tastes (some vast) and very varied shapes. The good thing about these slings is that the elastic fastening is practical and with a thicker belt at the waist that is very comfortable to start, that is subject and feels comfortable using it and the size of the penis is intermediate, and its tip is curved and smooth to perform the penetrations delicately at the beginning if desired.

Slings for the First Time Fetish Fantasy

An ideal product of which Pipedream has in its extensive catalogue and extensive collection of Fetish Fantasy series, is the erotic slings for the first time, and that suppose a perfect and infallible bet for those couples who want to start using this type of toys, and they want to play to change role, being, for example, the woman who wears it and penetrates the man anally. The most peculiar and functional is that it is a Strap on the original sling, so you can also exchange the penis at any time thanks to the system of brackets and rings if you want to put another dildo of different shape or size later.

Wear four adjustable straps to adjust the sling to your body, while the front surface will hold the dildo in place when the environment warms up. The measurements of the dildo are ideal for the first time: 13.5 cm. X 2.9 cm. It is also a product 100% free of phthalates, with a flexible material that simulates the vigour of a penis, and if the price on offer is not attractive enough, includes a gift mask, as well as samples of lubricant for you to use.

This practice is known as “pegging”, and is the way that has been baptized to practice that for centuries many men like to feel, because it is worth remembering that in the anal area of ​​the perineum is the point P, one of the points of pleasure that if pressed, more stimulates men and more pleasure provides them.

Although it can also serve as a sling with an average penis, for example a sling for lesbians, or even if it is well placed, it can serve as an erotic sling for men to wear, although for this specific issue we have hollow slings, in which it is easier to accommodate the penis, whether it is erect or at rest.

Camgirls Using Sex Slings

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