Sex toys: what is it, how to choose it if you are fat?

Sex toys or unique toys are products that help you enjoy sex. They are used for experiments in pairs, for masturbation. Some products are used during foreplay, as a way to increase arousal before sex with a partner, while others directly during intimacy to enhance sensations, bring the moment of orgasm closer.

Today there are hundreds of types of private goods. These are sex toys for men and women, devices for couples, goods for BDSM, etc. They even include intimate cosmetics, as it also helps to make sex brighter and more interesting.

You can buy sex toys in specialised stores – sex shops. A considerable range will allow you to find something useful for any person or couple. And some types of goods today are sold in pharmacies, but there is a choice a few times less.

Who needs sex toys?

It is believed that only lonely people buy sex toys. This is a huge misconception. The majority of customers of adult stores are people who have long lived in a pair. With the help of unique toys, they try to diversify sex life, make the union stronger, and the relationship brighter. Who else chooses sex toys?

Couples who want diversity: If the passion began to fade, adult products would help her return. New sensations will make sex more desirable and more interesting. With the help of such products new worlds that can comprehend over the years.

Lovers get all the new sensations: Connoisseurs of sex toys have already tried something, but are ready to move on and get even more pleasure. Often they follow the news of the sex industry, trying to choose things with new features.

People who find it difficult to have sex but want to: There are a large number of plus size men and women who for health reasons cannot lead a full-fledged sex life. Sex toys help them in this. Proximity becomes possible with erectile dysfunction, injuries of the spine or joints, overweight, etc.

Lonely people: With the help of sex toys, you can relieve stress, get an orgasm, escape from everyday life. There are products for men and women that guarantee pleasure without the participation of a second partner.

Men who want to increase stamina: With the help of a vacuum pump or a masturbator, you can control the duration of sex, the power of arousal. Experiments with sex products can learn to be the perfect lover, and then apply all the knowledge in a relationship.

Women who want to reveal their sensitivity: With a sex toy, you don’t have to pretend; you can examine the body for a long time and carefully. Understanding your erogenous zones and the right methods of exposure allows you to find exciting ways to orgasm. These discoveries also come to share with a loved one.

People who monitor the health of the urinary-genital system: A sex toy can also be a pelvic floor muscle trainer. For women, such exercises help prevent urinary incontinence and lowering of the pelvic organs; for men, it helps in the prevention of prostatitis and haemorrhoids. The simulator can complement the exercises and give pleasure.

Men and women of different ages buy sex toys. They are popular with young people and adults. But only a person who has reached the age of majority can buy products.

What are the criteria for choosing sex toys?

To buy the best sex toy, you need to understand – for what purpose it is required. Products for adults differ in functions, methods of use. But these are not the only criteria. On the types of sex toys will be discussed later. And what else you need to pay attention to when choosing?

Materials Intimate toys in contact with the most delicate areas of the body

That is why it is essential to consider the choice of coverage carefully. Unique formulations do not cause allergies, irritation. They go through a complex testing system. That is why it is recommended to buy products from trusted manufacturers who are responsible for quality. The most common materials are silicone, PVC, TPR or TPE, glass, metal, live leather. In sex toys, special dyes are used, which are also entirely neutral and safe.

Purpose of using

Each sex toy performs its functions. For example, vibrators are created for different points. There are clitoral models, anal, vaginal. Vaginal balls can be used to strengthen the muscles or for masturbation. Vacuum pumps help to increase the penis, but also cause an erection, if necessary. Understanding what you expect from the purchase, you can significantly narrow down the choice. It is essential to determine in advance the objectives of the application, so as not to be disappointed in the result. And it is necessary to understand that there are things to stimulate different zones, for example, massagers, they are more suitable for those who do not know what he wants.


Create sex products for hundreds of companies. Well-known companies very carefully monitor the quality of products; pay a lot of attention to details. Choosing the things of famous brands, you get high-quality sex toys, but at the same time, the price can be a bit high. Little-known companies offer cheaper options, but they do not always have a guarantee.


Focus on the cost when buying a sex toy is not worth it. This indicator is not the most important. It is better to pay attention to the functions, control methods, methods of nutrition. The more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. But sometimes it is easier to overpay for a battery device than to regularly buy replacement batteries. Sex toys are sold at different prices, a decent thing you can choose for a modest amount or purchase premium goods at a significant rate.

Types of sex toys

All modern sex products can be divided into three broad categories: sex toys for men, for women and couples. Sometimes this division is conditional, as people can apply both together and alone.

Sex toys for women

Intimate products for women help to increase arousal, bring the moment of orgasm, or cause magical pleasure. Besides, some things help improve health, make muscles more elastic.


The best-selling sex toys are vibrators. Modern models may be phallic or ultramodern. They are large and small, and they stimulate different zones. All of them are united by one opportunity – sympathetic vibrations with varying intensity. The more modes and speeds the more exciting the application is.

Clitoral stimulants affect the most tender part of the body. They massage the clitoris, helping to make sex bright. It can even be used in pairs.

Vaginal sex toys are introduced into the fold, while some models not only vibrate but also pulsate, rotate. Some even make progress without the help of hands. Anal vibrators are equipped with special limiters so that the device is not lost deep in the body.

The vibrator is one of the best sex toys for plus sized women because it can touch different parts. And the device for women will help to make the pleasure of a man stronger if during some caresses to move him over the skin of tender places.

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