How to choose a sex doll: the main selection criteria

Adult humankind has been using dolls since ancient times. In the antique period, these were rather crudely made statues, animal body parts and stuffed animals, and in the last century Adolf Hitler personally described what an ideal artificial woman should be for an Aryan soldier. Since then, the sex industry has made great strides forward, and modern dolls can surprise even sophisticated buyers.

Female and male dolls

Traditionally, the words “sex doll” appears to be a purely male intimate toy, although in specialized stores you can also find models for women. They differ from males in exactly the same features of anatomy as real males from females. If the sex toys for men, the main “jobs” are made in the form of holes, then female models are equipped with a dildo. Depending on the cost of the model, it can be performed with maximum anatomical precision, as well as be equipped with a vibrator for greater pleasure.

When choosing your sex doll, you need to consider a number of important parameters.

Criteria for choosing sex dolls

Sex toys on the market today presents a huge number and different models can differ significantly from each other. When choosing, consider the following characteristics:

  • Functionality – if we are talking about the cheapest inflatable doll with one hole, then its functionality will be minimal, and such a toy will get tired pretty quickly. Fortunately, the modern industry of intimate goods offers options for every taste and wallet size, and if you wish, you can find a model that is anatomically the most similar to a living person. Of course, it will cost much more than an inflatable soother.
  • Appearance – depends on the cost and is selected depending on your needs. If you need a simple “tool” for sexual satisfaction, then an inflatable baby doll, very little resembling a living woman, will do. But for aesthetes there are more expensive, but also better quality options with real hair and silicone skin. Buying a realistic sex doll will cost a lot, but you will get much more pleasure from using it.
  • Quality – even if you buy the most affordable male or female sex doll, you still need to look at the quality of its production. The seams should be smooth and neat, on the surface should not be drips of glue or paint.

Also be sure to consider the safety of sexual toys for health. The toy should be made of non-toxic materials: no unpleasant odor, which indicates the use of harmful paint and rubber of poor quality, without soiling surfaces.

Selection of dolls for realism

Over the past decade, the industry for making sex dolls has advanced far ahead. If at the beginning of the century they all looked like an inflatable toy for the beach, now you can find models that look almost like a living person, can change their posture and even blink, make sounds. Naturally, the more opportunities a toy have, the more expensive it is.

When choosing a model for the realism of its appearance, consider the following pros and cons of different options:

An inflatable doll is the most budgetary option, which is good because such a toy does not require a lot of storage space and is easy to transport from place to place. You can at any time inflate and blow off your “beloved woman”, which will allow you to take her with you on a business trip or on vacation without any problems. The disadvantages of such erotic dolls can be attributed to a very clumsy appearance and the presence of only one posture, given by the manufacturer;

  • Silicone doll – the quality is a step above the previous version. It boasts a more “lively” appearance, pleasant to the touch, such a doll can change its position, and an artificial vagina or penis can be equipped with a vibrator. The disadvantages, in addition to the high price, include the fact that the storage of silicone sex dolls will require much more space than for the inflatable, and you can’t take it out of the house as easily as an inflatable sex doll. Therefore, this option is well suited only for home use;
  • Animatronic doll – the best doll for sex, which can move, blink, make sounds, it can be put in any position. The basis of such a toy is a mechanical skeleton, coated with silicone or latex. Alas, the price of such models is very high, and only really wealthy people can afford them. Animatronic dolls made by specialized Japanese or American companies can cost as much as several thousand dollars, so they can rightly be considered elite sex toys.

General advice on choosing

Obviously, the answer to the question of how to choose a sex doll is not so simple. There are many selection criteria, but quality should always be the determining factor. A poor-quality toy can scratch, and a toxic material can cause an allergic reaction. Cheap sex toy can cause laughter or disgust, but not excitement, but only the most realistic model can really excite. Therefore, it makes sense to fork out, but to buy a doll for bedding comfort is as realistic as possible both in appearance and in material.

The best sex dolls are made in the USA, Japan and a number of European countries. But products originally from China are often of very poor quality. When choosing, remember that the quality is directly dependent on the price, so do not need to save. After all, this is the most intimate side of your life.

Male Sex dolls

Male doll- will become an indispensable toy for women, and perhaps even men. These dolls completely imitate the body of a man with the genitals as close to reality as possible. Although it is worth noting that almost all manufacturers focus on the genitals, missing the detailing of the doll’s body itself. Sex dolls men will help out the accumulated sexual energy, both women and men. Moreover, with the help of this doll, many will be able to lose their uncertainty in bed, having previously practiced on the doll. Some sexologists in some cases even recommend that women and men try sex with a fully subservient partner, that is, a doll. This is how to master the skill of managing sexual intercourse, which is very important in relations with a real partner. Main material for making sex dolls is a soft polymer or latex. Male sex dolls can be both the simplest – seamless, and made of super-realistic cyber silicone, which brings them closer to the real person. A male sex doll will help brighten up a languid evening for both women and men; he has no problems with the hardness of his body and mood for sex.

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