All you ever wanted to know about using a sex swing and sex swing positions

Some incursions into a new erotic sex life, such as trying a new sex poses, only require little courage, Fourplay, and perhaps a good lubricant. Others, like jumping in a swing for the first time, can feel a bit more intimidating.

Many people do not even know how sex swing works, that is why experts and passionate about sex swing explain that the first experience of using a swingis unforgettable and can’t be compared with anything else.In reality, using rhythms for sex is not a tough job: Imagine an adult swing in a playground;definitely, it is too much excitement. They have a different shape, so the partner who is on the canvas is entirely or partially inclined.Some slings have one or more points that connect to a bolt in the ceiling, and some come with freestanding frames so that you do not have to pull out your power tools. One thing all swings have in common is that they give the partner who stands on more solid ground access to their partner’s body.

Since you’re in the swing of things requires a little preparation work, you’ll want to talk first. Introducing the idea to a partner can be so simple. If you are an adventurous and fun loving, then that will enhance your intimacy experience.

To know what it’s like to use a sex swing, here are the expert tips that you need to know before trying sex swing positions.

Buy cheap

Well now that you’re both on board, how do you get the thing for a test drive? If you’re looking to experiment with a swing at home, first of all, you’re going to want to buy cheap. Determine if you are interested before investing in a high-end swing (be careful, the less expensive are less comfortable, and you may need a little more padding). Sexual fluctuations can range from less than $ 100 to $ 500.

Ask for help

To get a glimpse of start rocking, search for online sex toy shops. There you can communicate with their representatives for guidance. Depending on the type of swing you get, you may need to do some renovation/installation, so for beginners or the inhabitants of the apartments, look for swings or slings that you can put on the back of a door.

Trying out for the first time may require some troubleshooting-just like a swing on the playground or a hammock, it moves when you try to climb and settle down. It took a little bit of understanding. A small laugh can help relieve the tension of trying something new.

Be open to experimentation

People use sexual oscillations for many reasons. Firstly they can easily spice things up for you, and if you use a swing, then youcan try different moves that you could not do on a bed or sofa. Secondly, there is an element of enslavement and power play, since the person in the swing is more restricted than it usually would be. Most importantly, sex swings induce a sense of adventure and pleasure, like bondage and blindfold, and at the mercy of your partner is the incredible part of your sex game.You partner also know that using of a swing needs a lot of confidence; it can feel like a private activity.

You will like it because you could create a prolonged sensory experience that did not focus solely on penetration think of massage and oral. During penetration, all this momentum translates into extra intensity. The most stable sexual positions for swinging tend to be those where your partner is standing in front of you, and you are relaxing on your back with your legs apart, and your partner is standing between them.

Have fun

More importantly, go with a playful attitude, do more about fun, adventure, and playground exploration, and once you understand it, it will naturally become more sexy and warmer over time.

Think about it as you release your inner child in an adult way.

Creating a feeling of letting go: Once you are in a sling, you can support yourself physically and emotionally and open yourself to different types of experiences. Being in a swing is like feeling this is the moment when you can let go out of control, and allow yourself to be in your body, and explore the different sensations that your partner makes you cross. Good swing!

The swing (Prenkholita)

Also known as the swing position, it requires some elasticity and physical strength. It is based on the man resting on his back with his feet resting on the floor, knees bent pointing upwards and lifted his hips off the ground making a kind of bridge with his back leaving the woman to sit seated on top of him. In this case, the man will be responsible for the movements while she stays in balance. You have to have a stiff back and legs to support this acrobatic position considered one of the most difficult of the Kama Sutra. The book itself recommends doing it on the floor instead of the bed to have a more solid base.

Standing holding the woman

This position is one of the most difficult as per The Kama Sutra. The man is standing and holding the woman by the back so that she is suspended in the air and surrounds him with his legs around the waist. A very complicated position to maintain it for a long time, warns the expert in sex that recommends changing places to gather strength. It is not advised to do it when you have drunk alcohol because balance plays a fundamental role.

The posture of the advanced level cow

The woman stands with her legs slightly apart, and the man enters her from behind. In an elastic exercise, she arches until her hands touch the ground while he holds her by the waist. And now comesthe best: well controlled and maintained from the hips, the woman lifts her feet off the ground and holds only with her hands and the grip of the man. It’s an especially good position for less gifted men.

Pornstars Using Sex Swings

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