Latex Clothing: The Ultimate Choice for Your Fantasy Moves

Spectacular and unusually sexy, latex clothing fits the body like a second skin, it not only looks amazing, but also gives sensual tactile pleasure. However, latex is extremely delicate material and requires special care. Expert tips on how to care for latex clothing will help to keep latex products in good condition for a long time, prolong their lifespan and invariably conquer those around you with their sexuality.

Purchase and preparation for use

New latex products are stored peppered with talc. Before first use, wash the product in warm water with mild, alkali-free soap. Then you can blot the product with a soft towel or shake it gently to remove excess water. Drying latex clothes should be on a hanger. First, turn the product inside out, and after a while, when the surface dries out, turn it back and dry the front side.

Latex clothing must not be machine washed, dried, hairdryer or ironed. In normal condition, latex does not shine. In order for the thing to shine like in the pictures, it is necessary to treat it with a special latex spray. As a rule, it is enough to apply a small amount of such a product on the front side of the thing and easily rub it over the surface with a hand or soft cloth. Do not allow latex fats and oils, as they destroy the material.

How to wear latex clothes

Latex is thin, elastic and tears easily enough, so you need to dress in a latex outfit very carefully, after removing from hand all sharp products, rings, bracelets, watches, etc. that can damage the material. In order not to tear or scratch the latex nails, you can use cotton gloves.

To facilitate dressing, clean the inner surface of the product and, if necessary, your body with talcum powder or silicone grease. Silicone goes well with latex and is safe for health. You cannot use lubricants and creams on the fat and oil bases, such as petrolatum, because they destroy the material.

Latex does not allow air and the skin under it does not breathe, therefore it is not recommended to wear latex products for a long time.

Do not allow latex to come into contact with products made of copper, bronze and other metals, since they leave irremovable brown spots on the latex.

How to store clothes made of latex

Store clothes made of latex, preferably on a hanger, in a closet, away from sunlight. It is not recommended to keep latex items folded, as creases may form in places of the folds. Do remember maintaining latex clothing need special care.

To prevent sticking, after cleaning and drying, clean the inner surface of the product with talcum powder. The fact that latex clothing today is rapidly gaining popularity is no longer a secret. Many women prefer to wear bodysuits, suits, gloves, tights and more from this material, not only in nightclubs, but also to work. Vinyl and polymer clothing is a symbol of the XXI century. Of particular interest is the representative of the fair sex clothing for intimate meetings. This is a great way to win the attention of men, arouse in him the passion and desire.

But, like any other thing, latex clothing needs proper care and proper storage so that it can please your eye for many years. First of all, you should know that latex is a polymeric material made from natural rubber. By virtue of its naturalness, it has a number of disadvantages, which should be forced. For example, after each use, such clothes must be washed.

Since latex is a dense material through which a person’s skin barely breathes, a condensate effect may occur. As a result of sweating, a latex suit or gloves can quickly absorb the smell of sweat, which, when interacting with polymers, can create an even more unpleasant odor. In addition, sweat can adversely affect the elasticity of the material, with the result that the fit may weaken and the appearance will resemble burlap.

When washing it is enough to use liquid soap in a compartment with warm water. Do not forget to rinse clothes several times. At the same time, you should not use washing machines or brushes. Everything must be done manually and without much friction. This may damage the latex layer in no case should not use alkaline detergents. After washing, dry clothes at room temperature. After drying, be sure to apply a latex polish.

A special tool will give more brightness and gloss to clothes, keep it new and will also emphasize your sexuality. The remaining varnish preparations not intended for latex are not recommended. Also during drying and after it, the same polish or talc can be applied inside. Latex clothing in this case will not stick together from the inside; it will not appear dents and other lines that are difficult to iron.

If you are not wearing latex clothes, try to keep them in a dark place, preferably cool. In this case, the clothes will retain their shape, elasticity and plasticity for a long time. The fact is that dyed latex clothing can become discolored, and under the influence of a long thermal effect, clothing will lose its shape.

Latex, as a material, is very gentle and soft. For this reason, it is not recommended to dry after washing or to hang clothes on radiator batteries or near heaters. At high temperatures, the latex suit may begin to melt, and various pressure sores and swollen bubbles may form on it.

And finally, latex is a very susceptible material. Such metal products as bronze, brass can negatively affect clothes, sometimes even paint. Also negatively on the quality of latex products can have a cosmetic. For example, some types of lipstick or mascaras are not erased at all, quickly absorbed into the surface of the material.

Why do we need latex clothes?

First, let’s define the terms. Strictly speaking, the terms “latex” and “rubber” are different, although in principle they mean the same thing. The main difference is in the chemical composition of the materials themselves.

Latex is based on natural rubber concentrated and stabilized milky juice of Brazilian Hevea. By certain technological processes, it turns out sheet latex, which we use for the production of clothing.

Rubber is, after all, a more general term that combines materials derived from natural or synthetic rubbers. So what, after all, need clothes made of latex? Externally similar materials are often confused with latex, for example, biflex, stretch vinyl, spandex with a special coating, etc. But these materials may be similar to latex only in appearance, but already upon closer inspection, the difference is visible. External similarity is only a glossy shine. But neither by elasticity nor by sensation can they be compared to latex.

The fact is that the latex stretch ratio reaches 500%. This means that it is possible to make clothes from latex, which will fit the body like a second skin, due to its elasticity; latex will exactly repeat the curves of the body both at rest and in motion.

Many are attracted by this property of latex clothing to fit like a second skin and there are many aspects. It gives the feeling of being protected from the external environment, relaxation and isolation from the outside world. Interesting sensations externally naked body, and in fact completely covered in latex.

Another aspect of the appeal of latex clothing is an unusual and very sexy appearance. A new and unusual sensation gives the view of your own body, adopted a glossy black shine or the like of snake skin. You can fully transform into a mysterious and fantastic character.

Latex clothing is the best for clubs and parties, for those places where you could look extremely sexy and unusual, reveal yourself completely from the new side and make your most intimate fantasies a reality.

One of the main qualities of latex is its exceptional eroticism. Latex clothing is able to show all the beauty of your body and at the same time, hide all minor flaws. And these are not just words, you can see for yourself, because now such clothes have become available.

Latex can often be seen in movies, in advertising, on the stage and on the catwalks of fashion shows. The reason is simple – latex costumes look unusual, mysterious and very sexy.

Latex Clothing and Camgirls