What you need to know to do the correct prostate massage at home

Prostatitis is a purely masculine disease and quite often occurs in our time. One of the non-medicated methods of his treatment is prostate massage. It can be carried out in a medical institution or at home – if a problem arises, the wife does not need a medical education to learn the technique of how to properly treat a prostate massage for her husband. For the treatment of prostatitis, a set of measures is applied, including massage. There are prostate massagers for sale over at loveplugs offering wide variety of prostate massager designs.

Effective methods of combating prostatitis

Direct prostate massage of a man is often indicated in case of prostatitis – an inflammatory disease of the prostate. The disease refers to the common, is divided into four categories and usually has joint pathologies:

  • Vesiculitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Hyperplasia of the prostate.

The leading causes of prostatitis are divided into:

  • Stagnant (non-infectious) – reduced immunity, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, disturbances in the rhythm of sexual activity, prolonged hypothermia and other;
  • Infectious – the defeat of the prostate pathogens of the disease (microbes, viruses, fungi and others) or the presence in the body of a man of a chronic inflammatory process of any nature.

Medical indication for massage

Before you do your husband’s massage procedures, you need to be sure that such an intervention will not lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition. After treatment with direct massaging is not always possible – it should be done in the case of non-infectious prostatitis and contraindicated in the infectious nature of the disease.

Also, the various forms of the disease also limit the ability to do home message – in an acute form it is contraindicated. Often, even the diagnostic palpation of the prostate in dangerous form is painful to carry out because of the extremely high morbidity of the prostate and reflex spasm of the muscle tissue of the anus.

Treatment of this form of prostate injury is carried out in a hospital with the use of powerful antibiotics and antiandrogens that suppress androgen receptors of the gland.

In order not to harm, massage at home can be done not as self-medication, but after consulting a doctor and when appointing a patient such a procedure. In this case, the doctor must make an appointment for the husband: how much time can be spent procedures, how many days and how often it should be done.

Preparing for a message

Immediately before the massaging of the gland is recommended to make some procedures that enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

  • It is advisable to clean the intestines before carrying out massage procedures, for this you can make an enema with a warm solution of chamomile.
  • The patient is recommended to drink 1 hour before the procedure for 1 litre of water – the filled bladder exerts additional pressure on the prostate gland, making the treatment procedure more effective.
  • The technique implies that the patient is completely relaxed – this will avoid negative feelings.
  • The patient should take a pose, for him the most convenient, and it can be: lying on the right side, with knees tightened to the abdomen; elbow-elbow position.
  • Correct message is necessary for surgical gloves with the use of the lubricant (you can use Vaseline) to avoid irritation and soreness.

Technique of execution

After the preparatory stage, you should start the message itself, for this, the index finger is gently injected into the patient’s anus. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 cm, in size and shape to the touch like a nut. A density of the gland – soft or dense – depends on the severity and neglect of the inflammatory process.

Fumbling with the finger of the gland, massage should be done by light stroking movements, starting from the right side and gradually turning to the left. At the end of treatment, gently press down on the central part and draw a finger along the central groove from top to bottom. The procedure takes an average of 2-3 minutes, and it can be carried out every other day.

In case if after three sessions for 3 minutes the husband does not have a positive dynamics, you should consult a doctor. Most likely, that massaging, in this case, will not bring results, and from its further carrying out it is necessary to refuse.

Also, it is necessary to refuse massage to the husband at revealing of the following contraindications:

  • An acute and semi-acute form of prostatitis;
  • Tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Presence of critical infectious processes in the body;
  • The body temperature of the husband exceeding the norm;
  • The presence of haemorrhoids, especially when it is exacerbated;
  • Problems with urination or with the bladder;
  • Cracks in the tissues of the anus.

The presence of clear or white discharge from the husband after the procedure is the norm, in the case of purulent discharge (yellow), massage should be stopped immediately.

Possible negative feelings and their causes

The husband, being a patient in this situation, should be psychologically prepared for the procedure. It is necessary to convey that the proper message will not cause pain. You should tell him in advance how many minutes the treatment will last, and explain that for the painlessness of the procedure, he should relax the gluteal muscles, lumbar muscles and the press.

In the case of a husband’s pain, treatment with massage procedures should be temporarily stopped and consulted by the doctor – whether there are any contraindications.

Dangers of unprofessional influences

Unskilled procedures conducted by his wife may be dangerous to the health of her husband.

For example:

  • If you do massage with acute bacterial prostatitis – as a result of possible infection of blood;
  • If there are stones in the prostate gland, the procedure can lead to damage to the tissues of the colon and rupture of the cell membranes;
  • Excessive force during a massage can provoke separation of a short section of the urethra – pathology is practically not diagnosed, but destroys the urethra structure and imbalance of the micro-flora.

At the same time, the wife can be entrusted with carrying out a message to her husband, and one should strictly follow the rules and remember the delicacy of the procedure.

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