How to choose a vibrator and why sex toys are back in fashion

Female vibrators are gadgets from a series of optional, but indeed useful for girls who want to get to know themselves and their bodies better, to diversify their sex life and to find erogenous zones that they could only guess about earlier. Experts confirm that the ability to properly use the vibrator helps to articulate their needs for sex more clearly, and therefore, to get real and bright orgasms with their partner.

Freedom in sexual matters allows us today to use “toys” without hesitation and unnecessary labels. Here are details about how to use a vibrator on your woman and what you need to know before you start using it.

What are the vibrators?

Vibrators for women are divided into vaginal, anal and clitoral – each of them has its anatomical shape. You can purchase such a sex toy in any sex shop: taking into account your preferences and necessary functionality.

As for colour diversity, it is fantastic. Expert advises you to buy a vibrator of bright colour – red, blue, yellow or green. Tuned to exotic? Pay attention to the options in dark shades. There is also a range of natural tones: from slightly pink to dark.

There are also soft vibrators for women – they are also quite popular. The size of the “toys” at the same time is variable: from miniature to giant, allowing embodying the wildest sexual fantasies.

How does the vibrator work?

Vibrators can work both on batteries and from the network. But thanks to its convenience, battery-powered devices having several speeds and the shape of a massage candle are more popular.

A vibrator is working due to an electric mechanism installed inside it – a motor of small dimensions, where the centre of mass is not fixed, but mobile, as a result of which, during rotation, a vibration occurs.

Larger vibrators with built-in plug-in modules install potent motors. And in some models they put electromagnetic coils to create a movement – their advantage is that when a vibrator acts, much less noise is generated.

It is essential that when a female vibrator is working, a girl can independently choose the necessary speed, thereby controlling her sensations, prolonging or accelerating them.

Studies have shown that the optimal rate of vibration is 80 revolutions per second. To achieve the peak of sexual pleasure, most girls need just such stimulation, and with a man, it can be quite challenging to make. By the way, such a high frequency of vibration is achieved only inexpensive foreign-made vibrators powered from the network. The vibrator works best for women from alkaline batteries for women: they cost more than usual but also serve much longer.

How to choose a vibrator?

Answer the question of how to choose a vibrator, is quite tricky. What is perfect for one girl can cause pain and discomfort for another. However, before you go to the store of private goods, you should decide for what purposes you need this “toy.”

Types of sex that is overestimated

If you talk about the characteristics of the device, then you need to understand what kind of sensations you want to receive clearly, and also answer the question: will you use it alone or together with your partner. If in love games you plan to dive with someone else, then the best vibrator will be the one that has different modes of operation – this gives rise to great opportunities and experiments.

If you want to pick up a vibrator exclusively for yourself, it is better to opt for a wireless model with a suction cup that can be mounted on flat surfaces and sit on an artificial member, thanks to which you will be able to relax even more. Those who plan to have fun in the bathroom should choose a vibrator for women in a waterproof case.

As for the better form, the size and design of the vibrator should be preferred, and this question is strictly individual. Some girls prefer realistic shapes with sizes, while others want something new and as unusual as possible, so they acquire non-standard phalluses.

To choose the right vibrator for women, you need to consider the appearance of this device. He should not make you laugh or push you away but exclusively excite. Want to choose the most gadgets? Keep in mind that its thickness should be sufficient. The best option for the circumference is 10 centimetres. Pay attention to the modes of operation: if the vibrator does not have them, it is better to refuse to purchase this model.

Now you know how to choose the right vibrator: and in this case, it is essential not to make a mistake because your pleasure is at stake.

Vibrator from which material is better

Material for the manufacture of sex toys plays an important role. For example, cheap options can irritate, so you should not save when buying things that are in contact with the most challenging parts of your body. To clearly understand the vibrator of which material to choose, let’s consider what these devices are usually made from:

Plastic: These are the cheapest options with which it is tough to get pleasure. On the penis, they are almost not similar, and moreover, because of the rigidity of using them is not very pleasant.

Rubber (latex): Rubber “toys” there is a considerable amount so that the vibrators of this material can be very different from each other. More realistic vibrating massagers are more expensive, but they also make pleasure more accessible.

Silicone: They are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time they look and feel tactilely very realistic. This category contains a large number of colours, shapes and sizes.

Cyber skin: Vibrators made from this material are usually flesh coloured. Outwardly, they are difficult to distinguish from the phallus, so that they quickly cause the girls to desire and, as a result, help to achieve the wanted faster.

This is the brief review of the types of materials from which gadgets are made, but the final decision on what equipment to choose a vibrator is just for you.

Pornstars Using Vibrators

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