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What you need to know to do the correct prostate massage at home

Prostatitis is a purely masculine disease and quite often occurs in our time. One of the non-medicated methods of his treatment is prostate massage. It can be carried out in a medical institution or at home – if a problem arises, the wife does not need a medical education to learn the technique of how to properly treat a prostate massage for her husband. For the treatment of prostatitis, a set of measures is applied, including massage. There are prostate massagers for sale over at loveplugs offering wide variety of prostate massager designs.

Effective methods of combating prostatitis

Direct prostate massage of a man is often indicated in case of prostatitis – an inflammatory disease of the prostate. The disease refers to the common, is divided into four categories and usually has joint pathologies:

  • Vesiculitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Hyperplasia of the prostate.

The leading causes of prostatitis are divided into:

  • Stagnant (non-infectious) – reduced immunity, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, disturbances in the rhythm of sexual activity, prolonged hypothermia and other;
  • Infectious – the defeat of the prostate pathogens of the disease (microbes, viruses, fungi and others) or the presence in the body of a man of a chronic inflammatory process of any nature.

Medical indication for massage

Before you do your husband’s massage procedures, you need to be sure that such an intervention will not lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition. After treatment with direct massaging is not always possible – it should be done in the case of non-infectious prostatitis and contraindicated in the infectious nature of the disease.

Also, the various forms of the disease also limit the ability to do home message – in an acute form it is contraindicated. Often, even the diagnostic palpation of the prostate in dangerous form is painful to carry out because of the extremely high morbidity of the prostate and reflex spasm of the muscle tissue of the anus.

Treatment of this form of prostate injury is carried out in a hospital with the use of powerful antibiotics and antiandrogens that suppress androgen receptors of the gland.

In order not to harm, massage at home can be done not as self-medication, but after consulting a doctor and when appointing a patient such a procedure. In this case, the doctor must make an appointment for the husband: how much time can be spent procedures, how many days and how often it should be done.

Preparing for a message

Immediately before the massaging of the gland is recommended to make some procedures that enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

  • It is advisable to clean the intestines before carrying out massage procedures, for this you can make an enema with a warm solution of chamomile.
  • The patient is recommended to drink 1 hour before the procedure for 1 litre of water – the filled bladder exerts additional pressure on the prostate gland, making the treatment procedure more effective.
  • The technique implies that the patient is completely relaxed – this will avoid negative feelings.
  • The patient should take a pose, for him the most convenient, and it can be: lying on the right side, with knees tightened to the abdomen; elbow-elbow position.
  • Correct message is necessary for surgical gloves with the use of the lubricant (you can use Vaseline) to avoid irritation and soreness.


Technique of execution

After the preparatory stage, you should start the message itself, for this, the index finger is gently injected into the patient’s anus. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 cm, in size and shape to the touch like a nut. A density of the gland – soft or dense – depends on the severity and neglect of the inflammatory process.

Fumbling with the finger of the gland, massage should be done by light stroking movements, starting from the right side and gradually turning to the left. At the end of treatment, gently press down on the central part and draw a finger along the central groove from top to bottom. The procedure takes an average of 2-3 minutes, and it can be carried out every other day.

In case if after three sessions for 3 minutes the husband does not have a positive dynamics, you should consult a doctor. Most likely, that massaging, in this case, will not bring results, and from its further carrying out it is necessary to refuse.

Also, it is necessary to refuse massage to the husband at revealing of the following contraindications:

  • An acute and semi-acute form of prostatitis;
  • Tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Presence of critical infectious processes in the body;
  • The body temperature of the husband exceeding the norm;
  • The presence of haemorrhoids, especially when it is exacerbated;
  • Problems with urination or with the bladder;
  • Cracks in the tissues of the anus.

The presence of clear or white discharge from the husband after the procedure is the norm, in the case of purulent discharge (yellow), massage should be stopped immediately.

Possible negative feelings and their causes

The husband, being a patient in this situation, should be psychologically prepared for the procedure. It is necessary to convey that the proper message will not cause pain. You should tell him in advance how many minutes the treatment will last, and explain that for the painlessness of the procedure, he should relax the gluteal muscles, lumbar muscles and the press.

In the case of a husband’s pain, treatment with massage procedures should be temporarily stopped and consulted by the doctor – whether there are any contraindications.

Dangers of unprofessional influences

Unskilled procedures conducted by his wife may be dangerous to the health of her husband.

For example:

  • If you do massage with acute bacterial prostatitis – as a result of possible infection of blood;
  • If there are stones in the prostate gland, the procedure can lead to damage to the tissues of the colon and rupture of the cell membranes;
  • Excessive force during a massage can provoke separation of a short section of the urethra – pathology is practically not diagnosed, but destroys the urethra structure and imbalance of the micro-flora.

At the same time, the wife can be entrusted with carrying out a message to her husband, and one should strictly follow the rules and remember the delicacy of the procedure.

Pornstars Using Vibrators

How to choose a vibrator and why sex toys are back in fashion

Female vibrators are gadgets from a series of optional, but indeed useful for girls who want to get to know themselves and their bodies better, to diversify their sex life and to find erogenous zones that they could only guess about earlier. Experts confirm that the ability to properly use the vibrator helps to articulate their needs for sex more clearly, and therefore, to get real and bright orgasms with their partner.

Freedom in sexual matters allows us today to use “toys” without hesitation and unnecessary labels. Here are details about how to use a vibrator on your woman and what you need to know before you start using it.

What are the vibrators?

Vibrators for women are divided into vaginal, anal and clitoral – each of them has its anatomical shape. You can purchase such a sex toy in any sex shop: taking into account your preferences and necessary functionality.

As for colour diversity, it is fantastic. Expert advises you to buy a vibrator of bright colour – red, blue, yellow or green. Tuned to exotic? Pay attention to the options in dark shades. There is also a range of natural tones: from slightly pink to dark.

There are also soft vibrators for women – they are also quite popular. The size of the “toys” at the same time is variable: from miniature to giant, allowing embodying the wildest sexual fantasies.

How does the vibrator work?

Vibrators can work both on batteries and from the network. But thanks to its convenience, battery-powered devices having several speeds and the shape of a massage candle are more popular.

A vibrator is working due to an electric mechanism installed inside it – a motor of small dimensions, where the centre of mass is not fixed, but mobile, as a result of which, during rotation, a vibration occurs.

Larger vibrators with built-in plug-in modules install potent motors. And in some models they put electromagnetic coils to create a movement – their advantage is that when a vibrator acts, much less noise is generated.

It is essential that when a female vibrator is working, a girl can independently choose the necessary speed, thereby controlling her sensations, prolonging or accelerating them.

Studies have shown that the optimal rate of vibration is 80 revolutions per second. To achieve the peak of sexual pleasure, most girls need just such stimulation, and with a man, it can be quite challenging to make. By the way, such a high frequency of vibration is achieved only inexpensive foreign-made vibrators powered from the network. The vibrator works best for women from alkaline batteries for women: they cost more than usual but also serve much longer.

How to choose a vibrator?

Answer the question of how to choose a vibrator, is quite tricky. What is perfect for one girl can cause pain and discomfort for another. However, before you go to the store of private goods, you should decide for what purposes you need this “toy.”

Types of sex that is overestimated

If you talk about the characteristics of the device, then you need to understand what kind of sensations you want to receive clearly, and also answer the question: will you use it alone or together with your partner. If in love games you plan to dive with someone else, then the best vibrator will be the one that has different modes of operation – this gives rise to great opportunities and experiments.

If you want to pick up a vibrator exclusively for yourself, it is better to opt for a wireless model with a suction cup that can be mounted on flat surfaces and sit on an artificial member, thanks to which you will be able to relax even more. Those who plan to have fun in the bathroom should choose a vibrator for women in a waterproof case.

As for the better form, the size and design of the vibrator should be preferred, and this question is strictly individual. Some girls prefer realistic shapes with sizes, while others want something new and as unusual as possible, so they acquire non-standard phalluses.

To choose the right vibrator for women, you need to consider the appearance of this device. He should not make you laugh or push you away but exclusively excite. Want to choose the most gadgets? Keep in mind that its thickness should be sufficient. The best option for the circumference is 10 centimetres. Pay attention to the modes of operation: if the vibrator does not have them, it is better to refuse to purchase this model.

Now you know how to choose the right vibrator: and in this case, it is essential not to make a mistake because your pleasure is at stake.

Vibrator from which material is better

Material for the manufacture of sex toys plays an important role. For example, cheap options can irritate, so you should not save when buying things that are in contact with the most challenging parts of your body. To clearly understand the vibrator of which material to choose, let’s consider what these devices are usually made from:

Plastic: These are the cheapest options with which it is tough to get pleasure. On the penis, they are almost not similar, and moreover, because of the rigidity of using them is not very pleasant.

Rubber (latex): Rubber “toys” there is a considerable amount so that the vibrators of this material can be very different from each other. More realistic vibrating massagers are more expensive, but they also make pleasure more accessible.

Silicone: They are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time they look and feel tactilely very realistic. This category contains a large number of colours, shapes and sizes.

Cyber skin: Vibrators made from this material are usually flesh coloured. Outwardly, they are difficult to distinguish from the phallus, so that they quickly cause the girls to desire and, as a result, help to achieve the wanted faster.

This is the brief review of the types of materials from which gadgets are made, but the final decision on what equipment to choose a vibrator is just for you.

Pornstars Using Sex Swings

All you ever wanted to know about using a sex swing and sex swing positions

Some incursions into a new erotic sex life, such as trying a new sex poses, only require little courage, Fourplay, and perhaps a good lubricant. Others, like jumping in a swing for the first time, can feel a bit more intimidating.

Many people do not even know how sex swing works, that is why experts and passionate about sex swing explain that the first experience of using a swingis unforgettable and can’t be compared with anything else.In reality, using rhythms for sex is not a tough job: Imagine an adult swing in a playground;definitely, it is too much excitement. They have a different shape, so the partner who is on the canvas is entirely or partially inclined.Some slings have one or more points that connect to a bolt in the ceiling, and some come with freestanding frames so that you do not have to pull out your power tools. One thing all swings have in common is that they give the partner who stands on more solid ground access to their partner’s body.

Since you’re in the swing of things requires a little preparation work, you’ll want to talk first. Introducing the idea to a partner can be so simple. If you are an adventurous and fun loving, then that will enhance your intimacy experience.

To know what it’s like to use a sex swing, here are the expert tips that you need to know before trying sex swing positions.

Buy cheap

Well now that you’re both on board, how do you get the thing for a test drive? If you’re looking to experiment with a swing at home, first of all, you’re going to want to buy cheap. Determine if you are interested before investing in a high-end swing (be careful, the less expensive are less comfortable, and you may need a little more padding). Sexual fluctuations can range from less than $ 100 to $ 500.

Ask for help

To get a glimpse of start rocking, search for online sex toy shops. There you can communicate with their representatives for guidance. Depending on the type of swing you get, you may need to do some renovation/installation, so for beginners or the inhabitants of the apartments, look for swings or slings that you can put on the back of a door.

Trying out for the first time may require some troubleshooting-just like a swing on the playground or a hammock, it moves when you try to climb and settle down. It took a little bit of understanding. A small laugh can help relieve the tension of trying something new.

Be open to experimentation

People use sexual oscillations for many reasons. Firstly they can easily spice things up for you, and if you use a swing, then youcan try different moves that you could not do on a bed or sofa. Secondly, there is an element of enslavement and power play, since the person in the swing is more restricted than it usually would be. Most importantly, sex swings induce a sense of adventure and pleasure, like bondage and blindfold, and at the mercy of your partner is the incredible part of your sex game.You partner also know that using of a swing needs a lot of confidence; it can feel like a private activity.

You will like it because you could create a prolonged sensory experience that did not focus solely on penetration think of massage and oral. During penetration, all this momentum translates into extra intensity. The most stable sexual positions for swinging tend to be those where your partner is standing in front of you, and you are relaxing on your back with your legs apart, and your partner is standing between them.

Have fun

More importantly, go with a playful attitude, do more about fun, adventure, and playground exploration, and once you understand it, it will naturally become more sexy and warmer over time.

Think about it as you release your inner child in an adult way.

Creating a feeling of letting go: Once you are in a sling, you can support yourself physically and emotionally and open yourself to different types of experiences. Being in a swing is like feeling this is the moment when you can let go out of control, and allow yourself to be in your body, and explore the different sensations that your partner makes you cross. Good swing!

The swing (Prenkholita)

Also known as the swing position, it requires some elasticity and physical strength. It is based on the man resting on his back with his feet resting on the floor, knees bent pointing upwards and lifted his hips off the ground making a kind of bridge with his back leaving the woman to sit seated on top of him. In this case, the man will be responsible for the movements while she stays in balance. You have to have a stiff back and legs to support this acrobatic position considered one of the most difficult of the Kama Sutra. The book itself recommends doing it on the floor instead of the bed to have a more solid base.

Standing holding the woman

This position is one of the most difficult as per The Kama Sutra. The man is standing and holding the woman by the back so that she is suspended in the air and surrounds him with his legs around the waist. A very complicated position to maintain it for a long time, warns the expert in sex that recommends changing places to gather strength. It is not advised to do it when you have drunk alcohol because balance plays a fundamental role.

The posture of the advanced level cow

The woman stands with her legs slightly apart, and the man enters her from behind. In an elastic exercise, she arches until her hands touch the ground while he holds her by the waist. And now comesthe best: well controlled and maintained from the hips, the woman lifts her feet off the ground and holds only with her hands and the grip of the man. It’s an especially good position for less gifted men.

Kegel Exercises Done by Camgirls

Vaginism: How do Kegel Exercises Work

Not easy to have a fulfilling sex life when you suffer from vaginism! Many women do not dare to talk about this problem, but there are solutions! Sex experts guide you to apply Kegel exercises and Kegel exercise tools to regain serenity.

What are Kegel exercises?

The vaginism causes involuntary spasms and often very painful in the vagina, preventing the introduction of a penis, but also of a buffer or other foreign body. The Kegel exercises – the doctor’s name that brought them to the point in the 1950s – are to learn to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor.

This name may not tell you anything, but you necessarily know these muscles! They are the ones you ask for when you have an urgent desire, and you must restrain yourself. By controlling these contractions with adapted exercises, you will soon be able to say goodbye to vaginism.

Kegel exercises in practice

The advantage of Kegel exercises is that they can be practised anywhere and at any time of the day. To be sure of getting the right muscles, start by doing the test when you go to the bathroom trying to stop the flow of your urine. If you succeed, bravo! See more info at

You have found the muscles to work on. Once this first step is completed, you can apply the exercises correctly: several times a day, contract and relax your muscles by blocking the contractions for a few seconds before releasing. Do sets of twenty-four to five times a day, sitting or lying down. Do not forget that even Samantha did her daily exercises!

To go further to fight vaginism

Once you have mastered these exercises, try to introduce a finger into your vagina and contract your muscles. Repeat several times, and when you feel ready, put two, then three fingers. You will gradually get used to the presence of a foreign body in your vagina while controlling your contractions. Take your time and do not burn the steps! By practising these exercises regularly, you will be able to overcome vaginism. You can also consult a sexologist who will allow you to understand the origin of your vaginism.

How to feel the right muscles?

Try to stop the stream when urinating. If it works, congratulations, you found the Kegel muscles.

Perhaps you want to go to the toilet too much to hold back (if not, this is a rather alarming sign, run to the gynaecologist). As an alternative method try to insert a clean finger into the vagina and squeezing it and if everything is in order, you will feel a rise in the pelvic floor.

Well, if you are not so interested, spend a test drive with your beloved: during sex, try to squeeze his dick inside yourself and ask if he feels that you are hugging him more tightly.

Do you need to do exercises during urination?

Not. On the contrary, it is contraindicated, may aggravate the symptoms or even cause pain.

How to prepare for the exercises?

Empty your bladder, and you can proceed.

Are there any other nuances?

Do you know how when bending the index finger, the others also turn slightly? So, during the Kegel exercises, a similar thing happens: your gluteus and abdominal muscles can automatically strain. Try to control this moment. During the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, the rest should ideally be relaxed: this way you will avoid overstrain and spasms.

How to train?

Take a comfortable position: sitting, lying or standing (but not while walking). Tighten the muscles you need as much as possible for 5 seconds, and then relax. After a short pause, repeat. Make ten such approaches. Do not forget to breathe. Otherwise, you will get tired faster, and the benefits of training will decrease.

How much time and how often should you train?

Studies show that you can feel the first effect after 4–6 weeks of regular training two or more times a day.

The million dollar question: will my orgasm get stronger?

It’s quite possible. Alas, there is no research confirming this without a shadow of the doubt (with the study of the female orgasm is a problem at all), but many survey participants on the effectiveness of Kegel exercises claim that the duration and intensity of their orgasms have increased. This is easy to believe, because training the pelvic floor muscles accelerates the flow of blood to the perineum, particularly during arousal. It definitely won’t hurt your orgasm. Besides, you will please your man with a narrower and denser vagina. Win-win, as they say.

Little helpers

In addition to the “analogue” method of developing the Kegel-muscles, you can include in your training first weighting balls that will make the exercises more difficult and more effective. The choice is significant, for example:

The shots have only one problem – the lack of feedback: it is hard to maintain motivation if there is no visual result.

Arnold Kegel himself in the forties used a bulky device made of rubber bladder and tubes to measure muscle strength during exercise. Now, when interest in the topic is finally experiencing a rise, several modern and very lovely counterparts have appeared.

Meet the Magic Kegel Master

The name of the gynaecologist Arnold Kegel today, without exaggeration, is known to many women. His exercises have long been successfully used for training intimate muscles. Therefore, to get acquainted in more detail with the simulator for strengthening the pelvic floor, it has a panoramic overview of all the pros and cons, features and characteristics.

Immediately, note that this is not an advertisement for the goods. Yes, it is presented in the online store. The decision about the purchase will only take you. Besides, it is straightforward to check the integrity of informational materials.

How does Kegel trainer affect exercise performance?

If you already perform therapeutic exercises, and you have problems, doubts and questions, then here is the best solution for you. Most often, women think about:

  • Is physical education done according to the rules?
  • Is the maximum load observed?
  • It happens that workouts are skipped, how to organise them?
  • Tired of the routine nature of the exercises, what to do?
  • How to understand and measure whether there are at least some results?

All these omissions, of course, significantly reduce motivation. It happens that training stops. In general, to answer all these “why”, to understand and figure out whether the simulator is right for you, you should follow all its aspects.

Package of Kegel simulator Smart Kegel master

With it, you need to start. To store the simulator manufacturer has developed a nice looking box. She’s akin to iPhone. Apple set the trend of minimalism, and it was also used for private goods. Brief information about the simulator, located on the box, immediately catches the eye. It is not only the characteristics of smartphones that can be connected to it, but also the QR code. Scanning it will enable you to download the application at a fast pace. The simulator itself is packed tightly inside the box and secured to the stand.


The simulator is made in an attractive purple range.

A cover that provides storage, strictly black

Two instructions in the local language and English are included.

USB cable available for charging

Sizes and format:

This simulator has a ball structure, and there are two of them. They are fastened to each other with a first jumper. Two balls are 8 cm long. The upper one, which is also a small ball, has a diameter of 3 cm. The lower one, which is large, has a diameter of 3.5 centimetres.

Butt Plug on Pornstars

Criteria to Choose your Anal Plug

Choosing is always a real headache. When it comes to an butt plug, it requires experience, some personal judgment. Of course, you cannot buy it on a simple whim. You have to know each other so that it does not end up in the bottom of the drawer without ever serving.

In fact, the anal plug is a sex toy shaped conical to introduce into the anus to stimulate it. This is a sex toy that consists of preparing for the impending anal sex penetration of her partner. This is an accessory that serves to excite his user. Its purpose is not only to stimulate the anus or vagina. It is also used to psychologically prepare the user that sexual intercourse more or less violent is expected. To know everything, it’s here!

Choose an anal plug by its size

For beginners, a plug of size is “small” of 2.5cm in diameter. In fact, your choice should be towards anal plugs of small sizes or just a little bigger than your finger. A too big plug will be uncomfortable for you as a novice.

Once comfortable with the size “small” , you can use the size “medium”, 2.5cm to 5cm type Rosebud. It comes replace the small anal plug of the beginning and can be put in place for hours.

For regulars, an “extra-large” anal plug with a diameter of more than 5cm will do. In this case, the penetration is very limited because of its large diameter.

You have to choose a good quality anal plug

It is recommended to always choose a good quality anal plug because if you buy a low-end plug, you could have small inflammations in your anus. In addition, a good quality plug does not mean a plug too expensive. There are good quality plugs at affordable prices but also very high-end plugs at very high prices. Prices can vary from a few euros up to more than 100 $.

The choice of the plug by its shape

The anal plugs have very different forms to the visual appearance. You will have to choose it smooth, textured, less elongated, rounded or ringed or like the nipple according to your desires. You have many options to choose from, as a matter of fact, there are many canadian butt plugs available here.

There are plugs specifically for women.

Their shapes are long and thin or swollen, elongated forms to stay in place in the anus. They can keep them for several hours under their underwear and can go to work or go shopping as usual. There are also anal plugs in the shape of raspberries colored in pink. For men, there are special forms dedicated to prostate stimulation from inside the anus. There are also pomegranate plugs for them.

The materials of the anal plugs to choose

The manufacturing materials of the plugs are numerous.

Silicone or jelly: these are soft and flexible materials. They feel neutral. Silicones are also extensible and very comfortable, even for novices. Medical silicone is very popular because it is hypoallergenic but also very soft, tender and rigid at the same time.

Anal plugs in stainless steel, steel, or surgical aluminum are robust and heavy for the most experienced. Pyrex anal plugs are strong and durable. Pyrex is smooth and can be heated or cooled as desired. There are also anal plugs in PVC or ABS, glass and even wood.

Finally, there are now plugs made with materials that are very close to human skin. It is for more pleasant and pleasant sensations.

Choose an anal plug with fantasies

It will be your tastes and desires that will determine the choice of your anal plug now. You will have to choose vibrating or simple anal plugs, but also inflatable plugs. There are models of anal plugs vibrators. They are also able to massage at the same time the prostate of the man to quickly have orgasm. They also allow abundant ejaculation.

Simple vibrating patterns also exist. They produce programmed vibration to surprise its user. And whose intensity and frequency are adjustable. These are very pleasant sex toys that provide intense sensations. There are inflatable models of anal plugs to alternate classic models.

In short, you must think carefully before choosing an anal plug. It is better to choose in good quality to avoid the inconvenience it can bring you. The prices are very varied but it’s up to you to find a compromise for your insurance.

What’s the point of an anal plug?

There are all kinds of anal plugs, of all shapes and sizes, but the plugs are always designed so that they can be inserted as easily as possible into the anus. Conical in shape more or less swollen and rounded, they usually have a thin tip, a wide part that narrows, and then a wide and flat end that allows the plug to insert gradually, but prevents it from getting lost completely in the rectum which would still be somewhat annoying!

The plug, once inserted into the anus, can stay in place for several hours and some will like to go out with and go about their business, under the naive and unsuspecting eyes of their peers, colleagues, passers-by, subway users, and other. The plugs can be used by men as well as women and all will find new sensations, to eventually decline later – if you really like by buying different plugs, different shapes and sizes and different dimensions!

In men, the plug stimulates the penis at its root and thus strengthens the erection. Moreover, when the plug is well adapted, it stimulates the prostate which is source of orgasms increased and ejaculations more abundant. Worn by a woman, the plug tightens the vaginal walls, which pleasantly increases the pressure on the sex of the man during a simultaneous vaginal penetration port plug. In both men and women, the anal plug is primarily to relax the anal sphincter to tame the anal pleasure and get acquainted with this area of ​​our body that is still a little scary to some. In addition to a feeling of great relaxation, the contractions of the anal muscles will cause immense pleasure that will spread throughout the lower abdomen of users who really risk getting a taste!

When to use an anal plug?

The plugs can be used solo and combined with a masturbation session to enhance the pleasure. This allows to tame her anal area alone, without being rushed by a partner or too urgent, to familiarize gently with this pleasure so special and eventually to prepare slowly to receive later sodomy without feeling for the moment the pressure of an outside look. Some will appreciate for example to fall asleep with a plug and then wake up with this pleasant sensation of a stimulated anus.

Others will like to hang out with it and the excitement will come from wearing a plug in the street without being noticed. Very popular in games of homosexuals, the use of a plug can also come to decorate the antics between men and women. You can ask your partner to introduce it or insert it into your partner’s anus. It can be very popular to give a few kisses or a few licks around the anus to lubricate the area and excite your partner at the same time! The anal plug can be left in place for a while in the buttocks of the girl while you will engage in other preliminaries, so that it relaxes and anal sphincters that expand to then engage in sodomy smoothly. In the anus of the man or the woman and even both at the same time, the anal plug can also decorate a vaginal penetration by reinforcing the pressure of the vagina on the sex of the man, or while stimulating parallel prostate. In any case, intense orgasms are to be expected!

Camgirls Using Dildos

Top 10 best realistic dildos in 2018

Realistic phalluses are almost impossible to distinguish from the real body. They are very similar to the touch; have the same flexibility with a natural member but how to choose the best realistic Dildos from a vast range? Here are the top 10 realistic dildos that received the maximum number of positive feedback from customers and were acquired more often than others.

How were the best realistic phalluses selected?

The ranking of the best models includes products that have several important characteristics:

  • Great product quality;
  • Safety and compliance with international standards;
  • Realistic material, pleasant to the touch surface;
  • The long service life of a unique product.

And users liked these models. They were sold more often than others, although there are several hundred similar products in the catalogue.

  1. Best dildo realistic suction cup Kong

This is an excellent toy for those who appreciate penises of impressive size. The product has a natural appearance. Bulging veins, small folds texture the phallus; it has a pronounced head and scrotum. The paint does not come off, and low vegetation does not fall out even after frequent washing. The product has neither smell nor taste. You can use it for vaginal and anal sex.

The dildo realist has a suction cup at the base. This part allows you to attach the product to any surface. The material of the accessory is dense, but not rigid, perfectly conveys a realistic sensation of intimacy with a man. It’s an ideal toy for delightful sex with a length of 22 cm and 6 cm in diameter. This is a large model for lovers of big things.

  1. Best Realistic Dildo – Copy Arpad Miklos

This model is striking in its realism. It is unique because it is a copy of the penis of the Hungarian porn actor Arpad Miklos. The realistic phallus is thought out by manufacturers to the smallest detail. The product has a beautiful head, and the trunk is pleasant to the touch, it is resilient, it excites even with its appearance. The accessory for adults is made of non-irritating material. A feature of the toy is that it is painted by hand. Product dimensions: length – 23 cm, diameter – 5 cm.

Thanks to a strong suction cup, the penis can be securely fixed on any surface to diversify intimacy and to use it without the aid of hands. The phallus can be wetted, and it is not afraid of moisture. But to make the surface perfect, you can only use it with a water-based lubricant.

  1. The best-curved phallus realistic FAT BOY

Fat Boy is another beautiful dildo realistic able to satisfy the fantasy. Its dimensions: length – 14 cm, diameter – 5 cm. The dildo will appeal to people who prefer elastic and thick members. The toy has a curved shape that allows you to stimulate the point G or the prostate. The product is made in Switzerland, which guarantees its excellent quality.

The phallus can give pleasure similar to frequent sex, quickly brings the peak of pleasure. Dildos are easy to hide in a handbag due to their small size. The product imitating the erect sexual organ is created from the safe material. An intimate accessory is used not only for vaginal but also for anal sex. It is convenient to hold it in hands, and it is used by beginners and experienced fans of passionate closeness.

  1. Realistic dildo Squirting KING Cock with Balls with ejaculation effect

Beautiful phallus simulates the effect of ejaculation, which makes the application process even more realistic. Silicone flesh-coloured man has many advantages. The main ones are quality, a convenient surface, a warm material, a length of 20.3 cm and a diameter of 4.6 cm. The article does not cause reddening and irritation on the skin.

Managing artificial ejaculation is simple: a liquid is poured into a unique pear, and at the right moment it is compressed, and the contents are splashed into the channel of the artificial penis, and then out. To create the perfect imitation of sperm, you can use a water-based liquid lubricant. But it comes with a small bottle of liquid, similar to a human ejaculate. It is enough for the first few experiments.

  1. Realistic Falloprotez on Pipedream King Cock 12

The enormous realistic dildo is designed for those who are looking for an extreme strap-on to get unforgettable impressions. The toy will appeal to fans of giant penises, hard and elastic. The falloprotez on straps is a comfortable strap-on system equipped with nylon shoulder straps. The belt is adjustable, and a solid metal ring will hold the nozzle firmly in place. The diameter of the product is 6 cm, length 30 cm. A woman or a man can wear a strap-on, as it is hollow inside. As a result, the game with the giant can be combined with different roles, which makes the subject versatile and very practical. And it will be convenient for vaginal and anal sex.

  1. Best dildo realistic from TOYFA small size

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  1. Dildo Suction Cup ART-Style

The phallus on the suction cup is a model for lovers of caressing several zones at once. Hands when using remain free, and they can touch other parts of the body. Sex toy can be called the best realistic dildo. Convex veins, an open head and a long trunk, look very erotic. The phallus without scrotum is ideal for those who love the deepest possible immersion. At the same time, the model has an affordable price.

The modern device is a particular composition that is indistinguishable by touch from the human body. It heats up quickly, bends well and serves for many years. The length of the dildo is 22 cm, diameter 4.5 cm. In online store offers a wide selection of phalluses.

Utheral Insertion on Pornstars

Weakness in men’s health: how to treat a urethral stricture

A urethral structure (narrowing of the urethra) can lead to the most severe, often fatal complications. It’s wrong. Are you worried about Is urethral insertion safe? Then consider the below points.

Channel dam

The urethra is only 3–6 cm long in women, and about 30 in men. This “inequality” explains the fact that women contract urinary infections much more easily than men. However, men are more likely to carry sexually transmitted infections that last longer in their long urethra. Without adequate treatment, the infection penetrates into the deep layers, which leads to its narrowing. This is where the serious problems begin. It is no coincidence that men call the urethra the Achilles heel of the stronger sex.

But if only children aren’t heard about prostate today, then only the patients themselves and their doctors can tell about the problems with the urethra. It is not customary to speak loudly about urination disorders.

In addition to chronic infections, the most common cause of stricture formation in men is trauma. Usually, a rupture of the urethra is a consequence of a fracture of the pelvic bones or a fall on the perineum. Recently, more and more often, patients suffer damage to the urethra as a result of injecting various kinds of drugs into the canal and improperly conducting invasive medical procedures (catheterization, laser therapy, bougienage, etc.)

Bewitched circle

Stricture prevents the normal emptying of the bladder. A very difficult conclusion follows from this simple statement: a chronic violation of emptying leads to an increase in the amount of residual urine that remains in the bladder. Its delay gradually leads to a decrease in sensitivity and a decrease in the contractility of the bladder. Constant excessive pressure in it does not allow the kidneys to work effectively, which leads to the extinction of their function and the development of renal failure. To save the lives of such patients perform cystostomy – an operation in which a hole is formed in the lower abdomen and a drainage tube is installed so that urine can flow out into the urinal.

At best, this nightmare does not last forever, and with a cystostomy tube, in anticipation of a rescue operation, a person walks for 3-4 months. But the fact is that the cystostomy is the “entrance gate” for a new urinary infection and the situation can turn into a “vicious circle”. Learn more of it at

Non-iron flow

The symptoms of a stricture are quite simple and it is difficult not to notice them: a weak stream, the need for straining, intermittent urination and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. These symptoms appear rather quickly: after injury already in 1-3 weeks, and in case of infectious inflammation – by the end of the 2-3rd month from the onset of the disease.

Similar symptoms are observed in adenoma, prostate cancer, prostatitis and some neurological diseases. The most common cause of neurogenic disorders of urination are injuries and diseases of the spine with damage to the spinal cord, nervous diseases with damage to the central nervous system.

By the way, the stricture of the urethra can also be the cause of the so-called secondary prostatitis, which is the result of urine injections into the prostate gland. It is clear that without removing the stricture of the urethra, as the main cause of the disease, the treatment of such prostatitis can last forever.

Today, the latest medical imaging systems (multi-spiral computed tomography, 3D echourethrography, magnetic resonance urography) help to accurately diagnose these diseases. Thanks to modern technologies, it has become possible to obtain virtual endoscopic images of the urethra and bladder without instrumental penetration into the patient’s body.

There is an exit!

Until recently, medicine could offer a patient with a urethral stricture only an operation called anastomotic urethroplasty. The essence of the operation is that an incision of the skin and soft tissues is made at the site of the stricture, the narrowed part of the urethra is excised (removed), and the unchanged ends of the urethra are stitched together.

It is clear that the longer the stricture, the larger part of the urethra must be removed, which means that its length will decrease by exactly so much. Therefore, one of the most adverse effects of such an operation is the shortening and curvature of the penis. And the probability of recurrence fluctuates at the level of 35%.

In the 70s of the last century, endoscopic, which means organ-saving operation called internal optical urethrotomy, became widespread. Technically, the operation consists in cutting the narrowing from the inside. Unfortunately, this method does not allow removing the scar-modified area of ​​the narrowed urethra. Therefore, recurrent strictures after endoscopic treatment can be observed in 80% of patients.

Today in America, the tactics of mucosal transplantation from the cheek of the patient himself to the place of stricture dissection has been applied. This allows you to avoid curvature and reduce the likelihood of re-formation of a narrowing to 12%, and according to some data, even to 5%. Cheek mucosa recovers very quickly. The operation lasts a maximum of one and a half hours, after 2–3 weeks a catheter is removed from the urethra and independent urination is restored.

Repeatedly operated patients sometimes need a two-step operation. In the first operation, a stricture is removed, the scar tissue surrounding it and mucosal transplantation. The second stage, in 2–3 months, forms a new urethra.

But this is not the latest achievement of reconstructive surgery. Operations are already underway when artificial materials and tissues obtained by tissue engineering are transplanted. Under sterile laboratory conditions, the patient’s own cells are grown on special matrices, which during surgery are used to replace scar-modified and non-viable tissues of the urethra or penis. This is not the medicine of a distant future. All these methods of treatment are used in America today.

The most common causes of urethral stricture

Related to injuries

  • Trauma or injury to the penis with damage to the hanging urethra
  • Trauma or injury to the perineum
  • Trauma to the pelvis with a fracture of the pelvic bones
  • Medical instrumental procedures in the urethra: prolonged (more than 1 month) finding a catheter in the urethra, bowling of the urethra, dissection of urethral narrowing urethrotomy), removal of stones or foreign bodies
  • Self-damage to the urethra after the introduction of foreign bodies into it during masturbation
  • Unsuccessful operations on the penis and urethra
  • Prostate surgery oh gland

Associated with inflammation of the urethra

  • Infectious inflammation of the urethra: gonorrhea, tuberculosis, non-gonococcal urethritis
  • Chemical damage to the urethra (burns) by substances used for the purpose of treatment or self-treatment: silver compounds, chlorhexidine solution, concentrated potassium permanganate solution, dimethyl sulfoxide, alcohol, kerosene

Unspecified processes that are inherently inhibited by urethral manganate acid sclerosing lichen or xerotic obliterans balanitis.

Male Chastity and Camgirls

Were chastity belts in the Middle Ages? Are they used today?

What would be a filtered joke in the middle of an old book about war machines, ended up becoming one of the most widespread myths about fidelity and misogyny: the male chastity belts? The image of the medieval knight who departs to the crusades and leaves behind his damsel protected by one of these belts is just a historical lie, and a myth emerged in the eighteenth century, experts say today.

In a Budapest museum is the exhibition entitled “Secret Stories of the Chastity Belt. Myth and reality “, in which 20 examples of these objects are exhibited, some with padlocks and others with holes protected by metal teeth. The myth of the chastity belt emerged during the Enlightenment to be seen as the counterpart of the dark Middle Ages.

Popular culture and some scientific articles fed the legend. Even the Great American Encyclopedia, published from 1751, claimed that in the Middle Ages the use of the belt was widespread. Still, in the nineties, it was considered a fact that during the various crusades women were forced to use these devices to ensure their fidelity during the absence of their husbands. Museums in the USA, for example, were exhibited. It turned out that all these objects were counterfeits of the nineteenth century.

Currently, medicine states that belts, such as those mentioned in the legends, were not hygienic and that they would cause infections and injuries, even fatal, to those who carried them.

In the Victorian era, smaller, lighter and more refined belts were manufactured that were used for short periods of time to avoid violations. For example on trips, as romantic proofs of fidelity or to prevent women, especially the younger ones, from the masturbate or touch each other in bed during the night; since it was believed that this practice was highly pernicious and could lead to physical or mental illnesses. There is evidence that until the first years of the 20th century several patents of these objects were presented.

Object of pleasure

What started as a supposed method of torture ended up fueling erotic fantasies? On the online sites today, chastity belts are sold for men and women. There are steel and leather with padlocks and chains. Some have dildos, and vibrators included and are used mainly among those who practice sadomasochism. Prices range between $ 430 and $ 10.

There are also to prevent violations in a kind of impenetrable underwear that has been widely criticized because according to its detractors, it strengthens the idea that the woman is the one who should avoid the abuse, although the manufacturers maintain that the only responsible for a violation is the rapist.

On the Internet circulate all kinds of stories around the chastity belts: from a woman who placed one not to have sex and asked the firemen for help because she could not find the key, even a young woman who called the police because her husband placed her one.

In the United States, there is a female indie rock band called Chastity Belt (Chastity Belt). They have two studio albums and in Spotify more than 135 thousand monthly listeners and a song with more than 1 million reproductions. In Nicaragua, although there are social media groups for Bondage followers (which is the consensual practice of tying and submitting your partner for erotic purposes), sex experts explains that in the 13 Years of running the business have never sold chastity belts because the demand has been nil. They also comment that the prices of these devices are too high and are “unattractive” for the public that frequents the premises.

More to know about the male chastity belt

A chastity belt is an accessory designed to avoid intercourse or the possibility of masturbation, which includes a bolt or padlock. It is said that, in some contexts, there are women who supposedly use it to avoid possible violations.

Traditionally, there has been an excessive concern for chastity especially the chastity of women. However, today, there are also chastity belts for men. According to some modern myths, the chastity belt was used as an artifact against temptation during the Crusades. When a gentleman was away from his beloved and young woman, he forced her to wear the belt day and night until he returned.

In the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, masturbation was considered harmful by many western doctors. It is possible to find mentions in different specialised medical journals of the time about the use of chastity belts to avoid masturbation in adolescents, mainly. Many of the accessories designed to prevent masturbation began to disappear once the idea that masturbation was due to a mental problem was officially discarded.

Today it is possible to find two old chastity belts exposed in the Museum. Supposedly, one of them was used by Catherine de Medici and the other by Ana of Austria. You can also find other chastity belts exposed in the National Museum of Nuremberg and the British Museum.

Currently, according to information provided by some manufacturers, most of the chastity belts sold in Europe and the US are for men, just like what you can see at However, the design of this accessory has evolved and is no longer a belt. It is a kind of cage or shell that houses the penis, and in some cases also the testicles. It is a contraption used mainly by sadomasochism practitioners, both heterosexuals and homosexuals.

It is a shell with a tube in which the flaccid penis is inserted downward, with perforations in the lower part to allow it to be urinated. Generally, the testicles are exposed on both sides of the shell, although other accessories make it difficult to access any area of ​​the genitals.

With this contraption, the penis is not only protected but also it is impossible to have erections. It can be extremely uncomfortable and can be harmful to those who wear it for long periods.

What is your opinion about this type of gadgets? Do you know them? Have you ever used them? What do you think of chastity? All these questions are prevalent today, hope you got a clear view about the male chastity guide from this article.